SPANDAN centre-spreads in IIMB Alumnii Summer 2013 issue

I was delighted to receive the mail from IIM Bangalore, my alma mater notifying about the latest issue, the summer 2013 one of Alumni Magazine, which also happens to be the 10th summer issue of the Mag. This issue has a special feature called ART WALK that exclusive covers a few of my photographs from SPANDAN dance photography exhibition which was part of the SPANDAN dance festival celebrating the human spirit that I had at IHC, Delhi in April-May 2013 to coincide with the world dance week, and at IIM Calcutta during the SPIC MACAY international convention in May 2013

I am reproducing the editorial mail and the links to the issue; Also the cover and SPANDAN centre-spreads from the issue here.

SPANDAN centre spread in the IIMBAa summer 2013 issue – page 1

SPANDAN centre spread in the IIMBAa summer 2013 issue – page 2

SPANDAN centre spread in the IIMBAa summer 2013 issue – page 3

You can very well click on the links below, in the text, to browse the whole issue of the magazine online or even download the PDF format to see on your laptop.

Dear All,

We are ten! We planned, we stumbled, we fell, we executed, we soared. We managed to achieve ten editions, covering a range of topics from humanitarian work to gaps in healthcare services, from women empowerment to entrepreneurship. And we couldn’t have done this without your patronage and support.

A big thank you to all of you!

Presenting the Summer Edition of IIMB Alumni Magazine

The IIMB Alumni magazine issue of Summer 2013, that carries SPANDAN centre spreads

Read the Magazine as a Flip Book

Download the PDF version

In this edition we shift our focus to another world that we have started to inhabit: the virtual world. Would it be wrong to say that we oscillate between two world, the real and virtual? We buy clothes online, plan holidays online and even buy groceries online! Our lives are slowly becoming entwined with the wires of our laptop charger. Ecommerce has become an important if not an integral part of lives. And according to statistics, the day is not far when it will become an integral part too. In this edition five alumni speak about their experiences, their visions, plans, investments and heartburn in e commerce. Also, two of our Professors give their advice on how to tame ecommerce.

Also in the Magazine:

This January we had a panel discussion – ‘How to write your first book’ – that captured the imagination of many. It is arguably the most attended alumni event at IIMB. If you are someone who’s hands are itching to write and you missed to attend – the Magazine brings you a digest.

R Sreenivasan PGP 96 takes you on an art walk through his photo feature Spandan. Spandan is a celebration of human spirit in the form of Dance.

It has been happy and exciting few months for our alumni! Couple of our former alumni secretaries got married and some alumni have been visited by the stork.

Enjoy reading and let us know your thoughts on the Magazine. Your responses mean a lot to us.

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Kathak Choreography : Colors of Fire – Vidha Lal, Abhimanyu Lal (sreeni on stage)

Kathak - 'Colors of Fire' - My photographic interpretation of Choreography by Vidha Lal and Abhimanyu Lal
Kathak – ‘Colors of Fire’ – My photographic interpretation of Choreography by Vidha Lal and Abhimanyu Lal

a photo by Vasu.. on Flickr.

“Colors of Fire”, choreography by Vidha Lal and Abhimany Lal, under the blessings of Guru Geetanjali Lal, was a treat to watch. The concept of various colors of fire – Red, Orange, Black and yellow – depecting the emotions of a human being’s existentialism was beautifully interleaved in the choreographic presentation. The Slokas and Hymns from Indian scriptures, threaded into a fragrant and colorful garland that formed the backbone of the choreography.

I felt like taking a few of the saplings from that choreography to plant in my photographic garden of ‘inspiring talents, mesmerizing performances’. I welcome you to take a stroll through this garden of “Colors of Fire” on my ‘inspiring performances blog’,,

and leave your precious comments and feedback.

Brilliant Birju’s compositions and choreographies. Wah Maharaj!!

When Mallika, Indira and I set out to Kamani for the Kathak Repertory show yesterday, I did not have a slight inkling of what I can expect, though I always enjoyed the performances of the talent from the kathak kendra. This is a two day repertory show of the kendra, and I managed to take some time out to watch the first day…

To say the least, the compositions and choreography has been brilliant!! There were four compositions…Kramashaha by Kishanmaharaj(sequence),and the rest of them – Naada (sounds of various percussion instruments), Ghunghroo (notes of music sa, re, ga, ma, pa, da, ni) and finally ‘Anamya’ all by Birju Maharaj.

Kramshaha...sequential vibrancy!!

Kramashah was good in costumes and choreography with those flowing pristine whites, the five dancers (three ladies and two gents..) moved in a sequence and also created patterns with the movements and rythm. The piece warmed the audience up for the next two pieces. of percussions

The vision, concept and choreography of the ‘Naada’ piece was simply outstanding.. I never imagined or gave a thought for such a composition and choreography… The musical piece composed slowly introduces one percussion instrument at a time….. each instrument represented by one dancer. During the course of the piece, you have pakhawaj, tabla, dholl, mridangam, symbal … in all seven or eight instruments. As a new instrument is introduced, the already existing instruments on the stage express varied emotions to the arrival of the new instrument… you get to see all emotions enacted by each or composite of the instruments. Beats on an instrument is expressed in the form of fast kathak movements on the stage in synch with the beats. So, when the combination of instruments are played in the form of vadhyavrindha, the choreographed performance by the dancers representing the instruments was fascinating……

Ghungroo...the dance of the notes!

Similarly the ‘Ghungroo’ piece had six dancers, each representing six notes out of the musical octave…. Imagine a whole piece with sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dh, ni… and the whole of the piece is full of ghamakas and composites and the dancers individually and in combination dance as the musical piece gets played.. Wonderful rendition and more importantly brilliantly thought…

Anamya..story of the steel

The last piece was an evocative one – steel is used in making a sword as well as a bell in a temple. The composition captures the trials and tribulations of the sword and its yearning to be a bell in the temple….

Naada and Ghungroo certainly captured my imagination….and have given a lot of fodder for me to think. It was compellingly lateral in thinking… Wah Maharaj Wah !!

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