Building Self, Creating Impact, Enriching Profile

Most of us, in our youth, are enamored of the world around us that is always enticing with its glitters and sparkles. We have so much within! We hardly invest time to think about our self, not to talk of action. It is time each one of us starts doing.

We are all powerful. We can be winners. We can impact big time. We have enough examples around us – from the Prime Minister of the country to very many inspiring people from all walks of life, who are in a continuous pursuit of realizing their purpose, chasing every goal of theirs, passionately. Each one of us can be one such. The last article, ‘Ikigai’, initiates the exercise of finding our purpose and meaning of life. In this article, I am going to share about building our ‘Self’, while contributing to the context we are in, which in turn enriches our profile.

Let us look at the Abraham Maslow’s seminal work on ‘self’, hierarchy of needs. John Antonio brought it into social media context. I am creating a framework that is built upon these.



Every being goes through these phases, termed as hierarchy of human needs –

  1. Physiological needs – Oxygen(air), sleep, quenching thirst and hunger, clothing
  2. Safety and Security needs – Shelter, Protection from vagaries of weather, to safety and stability in life
  3. Belonging – love, affection, relationships and family provide the emotional needs
  4. Esteem – Enhancing and demonstrating Capabilities that builds self-esteem, reputation and status
  5. Self-actualization – Personal fulfillment, in the process contributing to larger good

Physiological and Safety needs are termed as basic needs – that of survival; while the needs of Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualization are termed as social needs. As one quenches the lower level needs, one starts thinking about the next higher level need. The journey is un-ending while it is incredibly enriching too. We grow in the process, while we keep pushing our boundaries, discovering our unknown self. More we push, greater is the realization and impact we cause and higher is the enrichment.

Each one of us, educated, is fortunate to have our basic needs – especially the physiological needs and to a great extent, the safety needs, fulfilled by our family and well wishers. Yes, with self-doubts that question our own capabilities, we may fall short on career or emotional stability. We can equip ourselves to overcome these shortcomings with positivity. Believe in our own selves, have confidence in our abilities and have conviction in our actions. We need to work on our state of mind, constantly, to be positive and purposeful.

Cycle of Excellence


Our thoughts are all powerful. Our positive thoughts influence the language, the words we use. Repeated use of the energizing words brings about the compelling action. Compelling actions will result in impactful outcomes, which reinforce the confidence and positive frame of mind. This cycle of excellence is unending. It is transformational. This fuels our journey to realize the infinite potential within.

[In this frame of positivity, it makes imminent sense to establish our profile in the social space – social media – the presence in the virtual space of this ever evolving connected world. Most of us are present in a few of these destinations like Facebook or Instagram to name a few, for fun mostly by sharing some interesting happenings in the form of stories or photos or videos. It is time we think of being in each of these spaces, with all the purposefulness that shall add to our ever evolving self, to aid our realization of the larger picture and public good ]

Once we get on to the cycle of excellence, fuelled by our purposefulness, the social context that we are in, can add that much more. Our family, friends and relationships can give the strength and confidence to head towards our larger vision. In this pursuit, we can connect with people or groups, bodies who work in our space of interest. The engaging conversations with people who share our beliefs and passions builds our community affiliations, that can further reinforce our purposeful and our journey. List out our passions and interests, and look out for people or bodies with whom we can engage to build your journey. Stretch yourselves and reach out, get involved. We need to consciously build these connects and affiliations.

[These affiliations and connects can be further fuelled by being alive and kicking on the social media, in the current context. The social media has the power to make connects in an unimaginable way. It is a double edged sword, and certainly depends on how we put it to use. If used wisely, it can make a big difference to our journey, in the process enriching our profile.

 Think of building your own website or a blog on one of the platforms like wordpress, which is very easy to handle. Be on Linkedin that enables you to connect with professionals in your area of work. Get onto Twitter to follow people, institutions and journals of eminence while sharing your thoughts too. Start engaging and interacting with the connects in a purposeful way. Slowly build your web presence that can build your community and affiliations.]

As you become active in various spaces, engaging with people and involved in activities, voicing your thoughts and opinions while helping others also to grow in the process of your growing, the journey will start becoming more meaningful. This brings more opportunities, more doors open to push your boundaries and to realize greater possibilities and potentials. In the process, knowingly or unknowingly, your brand building is happening.

[Continue to share your learning on your website or blog as a regular process of self-growth. In the connected world, you will be surprised how you create new connections with strangers and friends, who are on their path of excellence; who feel that you resonate with their thoughts and journey. It adds the domino effect to your growth, evolution and excellence. Many an entrepreneurial journey thus began]

As you continue on this journey, you will reach new heights, of course not without a lot of struggles. The struggles are part of every success story. As someone said, “Overnight success is a result of twenty years of slogging.” The struggles actually help you realize that you are more capable and you are on the path to realize the higher goals that you have set for yourself, the big picture will continue to refine itself. Your mission of realizing your potential and goals, will certainly be aided by the profile that you have been building on the social media in more ways than you had ever imagined.

4P FRAMEWORK for showcasing your PROFILE

I shall wind up this article with my 4P framework to share your profile. Kindly dig deep and explore on each of these dimensions to give insights into who you are and will be. Work towards enriching each of these dimensions, by creating opportunities or taking advantage of one. Identify the leadership roles and activities that you have done in each of these dimensions to highlight.


 Sharing of your larger vision and purpose conveys your outlook towards life. It conveys the direction you are heading and how your past or present connects to the future.

·         Institutions, employers and employees alike will enjoy seeing what goals a person has. Let these goals be both career oriented and personally oriented, such as scuba dive, rock climbing, music or blogging, shayari…


 ·   Learning/knowledge – Share the schools that you have attended and every degree or certification that you may have; other courses that you might have pursued beyond your graduation or academic requirements

·   Skills are important because they show Institutions / Employers and networking connections why they should connect with you. They showcase why you would be an asset to the institution/company and to the person. Skills can include leadership, management, organization, communication, hard work and interpersonal skills.


·         Interests and passions give people a feel of who you are as an individual. This makes people connect to you as a person on a personal level.

·         This also shows you being a keen learner who is not afraid of exploring the unknown;

·         As a very balanced individual with avenues to reduce stress and rejuvenate oneself to be on the path of purposefulness.

Public Good

 This is an opportunity for you to stand apart from other candidates because many people overlook this dimension.

  • Share personally meaningful values, important ones – such as innovation, health, fitness, responsibility, success, challenges or intellect, and share instances of demonstration

·         List your experience and contribution to any form charity work or public good.

Believe in yourselves. Build your profile. Enjoy the journey of realizing your larger purpose.


SPANDAN 2015, Apr 25-May 25 – Invitation to submit your dance captures by Apr 6 for the India’s largest dance photography exhibition


Dear Honourable Gurus, Esteemed Photographing Friends and Ever Encouraging Rasiks,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite each one of you to SPANDAN 2015, the third edition of the festival, celebrating the SPirit of DANce, paying our humble tributes to the SPAN of world DANce!

Starting on 25th of April 2015, the dance photography exhibition in the open spaces of IHC will go on for ten days. The Festival culminates with an evening that celebrates the SPIRIT OF WORLD DANCE, with a bouquet of performances SPANNING THE WORLD DANCE FORMS.


In the LAST two editions, every year over 7000 visitors graced the exhibition and the dance evening ran a packed overflowing house at STEIN Auditoium, IHC.

Kindly check the YOUTUBE link for SPANDAN 2014 and 2013 playlists on youtube

LOOKING FORWARD to seeing you all at the exhibition and the dance evening.



Srinivasan Ramakrishnan



LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION : April 06, 2015, 11:59pm IST

In the last edition of 2014 of SPANDAN, it was an honour to have over 35 passionate dance photographers from around the world contributing their work. We were privileged to have showcase the works of renowned guru of dance photography Sri Avinash Pasricha. We have had a few workshopts too including that of Avinash ji, curated walk by well known historian Robinson.
I look forward to having the best from around the world this year too. Kindly send your fabulous captures here.!
Last year we have had 18 large panels, each devoted to a dance form; along with over 30 works of Avinash ji and about 80 works of our esteemed photographic friends-

– Dedication to Avinashji’s works
– Eight Classical forms as noted by SNA –
– Bharatanatyam,
– Kathak,
– Odissi,
– Kathakali,
– Mohiniyattam,
– Kuchipudi,
– Manipuri,
– Sattriya
– A panel on Martial art/FOLK dance forms of immense energy : Chhau, Bhangra, Garba,…
– A contemporary Dance Panel- A Panel of captures in the open spaces
– JOURNEY OF Infinity – portraying the immense years of dedicated effort in excelling in the world space

– FAR eastern panel with Korean, Japan and Chinese forms
– BALLET from Russian and European geography
– FREE Dance from around the World and India
– LATIN / SPANISH Dance forms


I humbly invite all DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY ENTHUSIASTS to submit their TWO best photographs from their captures. Let it span the dance forms from around the world.


in the last two years SPANDAN travelled to Kolkatta, Chennai and LONDON coinciding with various festivals of Indian DANCE and MUSIC


a. UPLOAD your best two in this Event Page (on FB), the RAW Format of the capture should be there with you for later purpose if selected (needed for printing large versions). Kindly give details of the capture
– Dancer
– Dance Form
– Festival, where it has been captured, with dates

b. clearly LABEL the posting as FOR SPANDAN 2015. PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2.
If at all you have to write your name/signature on the photo, let it be very discreet on a margin

c. LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION is April 06, 11:59 pm IST


d. IF Selected, will be asked to send the RAW FORMAT of the same by email.

f. THE SELECTED works will become part of a classified panel and credits will be given. This is my effort in showcasing the brilliance in the dance photography space and the contribution each one is making for furthering the cause of the dance forms.


I WISH TO MAKE THIS FESTIVAL, A FESTIVAL OF EVERY DANCE LOVER. I am investing immensely from my own pocket to showcase, hence WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY anything for your contribution, apart from making your work known to connoisseurs and lovers of dance.


I ADMIT that I MAY RECOUP the cost incurred for the exhibition displays – printing, framing, logistics of taking the exhibition around – by selling the works proactively this time. SOLD or UNSOLD, I shall intimate you.

IF any works remain unsold, and you want your work back at the end of the exhibitions, then the costs incurred, (calculated by the size and kind of prints/transportation/logistics etc) will have to be paid! It will go into a corpus for future, and encourages me to keep going on this path of promoting brilliance. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY SPIRIT and intention. I AM SURE YOU WILL HELP ME


Indus Learning Series – Discovering and Nurturing Potential

WEBINAR : OCTOBER 17, 2012; 9pm – Register by pasting the link on the browser.

Indus World School is a learning space, as much for teachers and parents as is for children. While Children blossom through the academic curriculum with sports and arts integral to their learning environment, the mentors learn by creating lesson plans, applying, observing, introspecting, practicing and enhancing their thought processes every day at school. Then, how and what do parents learn at this school?

Enriched families contribute to enlightened children. We endeavor to facilitate parents and families through our INDUS LEARNING SERIES.

Vast amount of research has been done worldwide in areas of child psychology and effective parenting, and only a speck of it gets translated into practice. Parenting is a sensitive and complicated issue, and many parents of today’s times realize this very well. Furthermore, they are also mindful about being supportive and caring to their children, and wanting to learn more about conscious parenting. I am sure you are one too.

Indus World School wishes to be a facilitator in this learning goal of parents, and in turn facilitate in bringing up emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, spiritually healthy children of this country.

On a regular basis, as part of INDUS LEARNING SERIES, 120-minute parent-workshops are integral to the journey at Indus World School. These workshops are on a wide range of topics of general interest and relevance to parents of children from all age groups, and sometimes specifically for a particular age group.

Here, we offer the next workshop in the series with an introduction to multiple-intelligence, that would help you discover and nurture the potentials of your child.

Find the winner in your child, Indore coverageEvery child is uniqueFind the leader and winner in your child - Motivational sessionFind the leader and winner in your child - Motivational sessionFind the leader and winner in your child - Motivational sessionIndus World School, INDIA
Indus World School, INDIAIndus World School, INDIAIndus World School, INDIAIWS schools MACDS mentors annual conferenceIWS schools MACDS mentors annual conferenceIWSER - School Leadership Roundtable
IWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminarIWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminarIWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminarIWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminarIWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminarIWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminar
IWS Aurangabad - Find the leader in your child : Public seminar

WEBINAR : OCTOBER 17, 2012; 9pm – Register by pasting the link on the browser.

Workshop : Find a winner in your child

“The essence of intelligence is skill in extracting meaning from everyday experience”
~ Unknown

Workshop Goals

•Understanding the concept of Multiple Intelligence
•Finding out the different kinds of potentials your child has
•Knowing how to further nurture your child’s potentials

Workshop Outline

For ages, ‘intelligence’ of a child has been measured by the grades, ranks and marks scored in school exams. Many parents reprimand or give up on their children who do not stand up to this yardstick. Hence, these children may remain denied of opportunities and encouragement by their adults. Such children usually may find it difficult to build confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

The reality is that there are multiple intelligences and infinite potential that each person possesses. Thus, every child is ‘intelligent’ in his/her own way.

You, as parents, would be doing a lot of good to your children by being aware of what potentials your child has, and how to nurture them in those areas so that they could make use of the right opportunities in their lives. Yes, it is important for you to know your child’s potentials, to be able to contribute positively to their rounded development. Help your child be a winner. Come, together we will make it happen.

Realizing potentials – of Individuals and Communities – questions for you and me

Last eight months have been a great learning experience. For the first time in life, I almost spent at least three weeks every month traveling across India, addressing young, aspiring leaders of tomorrow, learning from them as well as motivating them to push their boundaries. I have covered almost fifty cities, Srinagar to Chennai and Rajkot to Kolkata, a few of them twice over in these eight months. These endeavors have helped me not only realize but also initiated a few thoughts about enabling individuals and also communities /cities realize their potential.

Enabling Individuals

While interacting, sharing outstanding entrepreneurial stories, interviewing qualified aspirants to IWSB and listening to a few of their own nascent entrepreneurial adventures, my belief that the serious talent in the hinterland is no less than the ones we see in the metros of our country is repeatedly getting vindicated. In fact, it is more focused, directed and productive. They know what they want. Coming to the students who passed out this year from IWSB, almost all the seven entrepreneurial ventures have been initiated by these ‘country bumpkins!’

Youth in Srinagar enjoying the entrepreneurial stories

The question that I usually encounter, which I heard even this morning when I was interacting with a few B-School representatives at an MBA Admissions event -“Many who seek admissions cannot even communicate well in English”. Having seen a few thousand over the last three years through our selection process that involves – a group task, group discussion, writing introspective realizations for own growth post these group processes and followed by interview – my original thought about ‘speaking in English’ has further strengthened. Should communication in English be the basic requirement or should it be keenness to learn, passionate about a cause, eagerness to take risks, ability to question the conventional, being a good team member, enabling others to perform etc., be a few parameters that one need to explore among the admission seekers in a B-School process?

I notice that most of the city-bred are good in speaking in English, but communicating the thought process is different from speaking good English. Speaking for the sake of speaking is not articulation. It is about the ability to analyze, think, structure and communicate, which is usually a casualty in most cases. Many of those who can speak in English are usually found lacking on many of the critical parameters that I enumerated above. The faculties that can facilitate one to do so can only be enhanced by regular reading of variety of issues. At least one need to be abreast with the latest news and analysis, editorials and features in the newspapers and magazines are great sources for these. Most of the youngsters are spending disproportionate time on the web, and that too unfortunately on the social websites and chats that are becoming time-guzzlers without gaining anything worth mentioning. If one is not really concerned about ones own learning and growth, how one can really think of enabling a company grow. It is time the youth, especially from cities and towns, wakes up from their slumber, shed their callousness and are serious about what they want to achieve and contribute.

On the contrary there are many who have been brought up in the hinterlands that are determined, capable and steadfast in achieving what they are set out to. We have a few in the short journey of two years at IWSB who are on the way to create a great impact in the society and community with their entrepreneurial work. During this year’s recruitment process I have come across a great number of youngsters who may not be very good in communication but are certainly outstanding prospects for entrepreneurial leadership. There is many a leader out there across the world that has made towering contributions despite being poor in English language communication!! Haven’t they?

What is the role of an educational institution in such a scenario? Is it not wise for a B-School to recruit an aspirant with potential leadership capabilities, and help such potentials to master English language and communication skills? Should it not be high on any B-School agenda if an aspirant is outstanding in most of the aforesaid parameters? It will be shortsighted for an institution to negate individuals solely on language and communication. I hope everyone is listening.

Enabling communities and cities

In between interacting and facilitating students while traveling, I usually sneak out with my camera to explore every city. I did it in almost every city, including Benaras, Kanpur, Ranchi, Patna, Srinagar, Durgapur, Hissar, Jammu, Bangaluru, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, kolkatta, Amritsar… not to talk of smaller towns and villages that come on the way during my drives.

Every city has inherent strengths, but attitudes that disable any city from really realizing its potential is its utter callousness towards civility and civic amenities, ill-planned development, even of the new extensions of the city, let alone the old towns / walled cities within. The gentry are least bothered about what we are doing on the roads to the traffic, what we are doing to utilization of resources, what we are doing waste disposal, in the process what we are doing to the fellow human beings, living beings and the environment. Each one of us seems to be concerned only of “I, me and myself”! What comes of this Indian behaviour and psyche?

These attitudes carry on to our roles too – policy makers, urban planners, municipal authorities hardly seem to do anything to better the situation. Each one seems to be thinking of biding time when they are donning the roles, only to focus on self-aggrandizement.

I keep wondering how planned is this road widening, elimination of the roundabouts etc when a kilometer ahead the road is going to be only two-lane due to a bridge or a worship place. You suddenly realize a four lane road carrying six files of vehicles is trying to squeeze into two lanes! I have never seen such callous planning anywhere in the world. In the name of Common Wealth Games, so called beautification around the city seems to have no meaning. You need to just go around connaught circus to just understand. Ask the well-informed families living there for the last eighty years. I have been seeing CP for the last thirty years, yesterday I was wondering about the madness that is being created. There are scores of roads where the granite binding the dividers have fallen/removed in the name of betterment and the lie on the roads for days. Does anyone in the municipality really cares about what happens to a motorist who rams into one of those boulders!

I went around the by lanes of Old Delhi on the Occasion of EID a couple of months ago. I spent the Friday at Jama Masjid …during the prayer time and Saturday night in the busy markets inside the wall city to soak in the biggest festivities among the followers of Islam, went with school children on a ‘walk’ in the wall city and also through the ‘galis’ of Benaras, virgin roads of Ranchi etc. The stories are same – filth on the roads, poor waste management, least concern for hygiene, erratic traffic management, indifference towards public property etc. One thing gets reiterated time and again – we as a nation are long way away from good Urban Development endeavours…

The usual refrain from municipality is lack of the budgetary allocation (is it really so, or it is about inefficiencies in the system?) compared to what the salary bill is (should the numbers be pruned?). Whether it is the gentry or the municipalities, each one of us contribute directly or indirectly to this utter chaos. We can chose to be indifferent or take a step towards correcting and enabling our communities and cities realize their potential. Come, let us make some positive difference.

Do you have a Resul or Rahman, Lata or Loveleen, Anand or Abhinav around you?

Joy Ho ! This morning has been one of the most inspirational mornings of my life, not only because of the Oscars that Pookutty, or A R Rahman / Gulzar have won for the first time along with Danny, Kate or a brilliant Sean Penn, but also because, the endeavours like that of Dr Subodh and Satish of ‘Smile train’ that brought smiles to ‘pinkies’ of the country, got recognized. It inspires me to look around and respond, to dedicate my life to bring smiles to fellow human beings..

As ‘my manthan’ continued, it struck me that our movement, Career Launcher, is in the right space of facilitating children, as there lies enormous potential in every child…..just look at the tremendous contribution the children have made to the success of Slumdog….or looking at each winner of the Oscars, where they began their life and where they reached. When I researched a little more on each of the winners this morning, I came across this uncanny resemblance to their rags to riches stories…aka Slumdog..Facilitating the Children

Let us facilitate the uniqueness to blossom

Resul Pookutty

Hailing from a small village of Vilakkupara in Kerala’s Kollam district, which didn’t have electricity for 17 years of his early life (ironically Vilakkupara means ‘village of light’), went on to graduate from FTII Pune in 1995 and win accolades for films like Black, Amu, Saawariya and the latest, Gajini among many of his films. Thankfully, Slumdog Millionaire happened for the world to recognize the extraordinary talent. He wins BAFTA and OSCARS apart from Cinema Audio Society (CAS) award for best sound mixing for the film. The first Indian Technician to win the Academy award went on to thank for “The history being handed over to him.”

A R Rahman

Allah Rakha Rahman, ever humble musical genius, hailed the almighty (Ella pughalum iraivanuke – All glory is to god) while accepting his double-Oscar. AR Rahman, who took the responsibility of the family at the young age of nine, dedicated his Oscar to his “loving” mother Kareema Begum, who was seated among the audience at the Kodak Theatre, by saying “Mere paas maa hai.” He went on to say, “I always had a choice between love and hate in my life. And I chose love and I am here.”

Though Rahman never had an opportunity to get proper education in his life, his genius compelled London School of Music to invite him to spend a couple of years in the campus, where he honed his western classical music along with his phenomenol grasp of Indian Classical Music. He returned to work with gurus like M S Vishwanathan and Illai Raja, before bursting on to the tamil film scene in 1986 and on to Hindi film world with Roja with Mani Ratnam, then followed some exceptional music in Bombay, Rangeel, Dil Se etc..

Resul Pookutty paid tributes to AR Rahman, saying that “He is a superlative sound engineer with mastery over technology working on desired sound and texture. He makes notes while listening to story narration itself.” He said that his Bafta and Oscar are courtesy A R Rahman.

PNK Naveen Kumar, who plays flute on Rahman’s compositions, Keith peters, the Bassist, noted percussionist Sivamani, Carnatic singer Unnikrishna all had to say only one thing “He is very humble and, gives respect and credit to every musician he works with”

A R Rahman, a spiritual soul, visits regularly a small Sufi Dargah in Nagore in rural Tamilnadu, and his composition in the movie FIZA – ’Piya Hazi ali, piya hazi Ali piya Hazi ali piya ho’ was inspired by the renditions at the Dargah.

Danny Boyle

Boyle was born in 1956 in Radcliffe into a working- class Irish Catholic family. His parents had wanted him to join the clergy but he decided against it much to the gain of the world of cinema. From his humble origins in a working class family to the glittering stage of the Academy Awards, Boyle has sure come a long way.

He began his career as a film director with the 1994 movie Shallow Grave after spending over a decade in the British theatre scene. The film was a psychological crime thriller which also marked the debut of actor Ewan McGregor. Train Spotting, a film revolving around the life of a group of drug addicts in recession-hit England, brought repute for Boyle. The film developed a cult following and was at the 10th spot by the British Film Institute in its list of Top 100 all-time British films. 52-year-old Boyle has never shied away from unconventional subjects for his films be it druggies in Train Spotting, zombies in 28 Days Later or futuristic astronauts in Sunshine.

Boyle won his first ever Academy award after being adjudged the Best Director for his Mumbai-based potboiler Slumdog Millionaire. The film had already won Boyle a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for ‘Best Director’ along with the top award at the Director’s Guild of America awards. His act of re-designating the talent director as Co-director of the film shows his humility and honesty in acknowledging fellow contributors.

Meanwhile, Boyle’s family including his father and twin sister Maria continue living in his native Radcliffe in the house where the now celebrated director grew up.

Dr Subodh K Singh of ‘Smile Train’

Smile Pinky by American filmmaker Magan Mylan is the other India-based film (documentary) that won Oscars this morning. Eight-year old Pinky had stopped smiling, even stopped going to school because she was ashamed of her cleft lip, a deformity 35,000 children are born with in India every year. Then this year, The Smile Train arrived in Pinky’s village and her world changed forever.

”She tried to smile but she was in a little pain so she couldn’t. But her eyes were saying so many more things. She looked at her face and then at my face and I think that is the best gratification I can get,” said Dr Subodh K Singh, Plastic surgeon. “This Oscar will bring the problem of clefts centrestage and probably change the lives of thousands of Pinkys who are still living with cleft lips,” said Satish Kalra, Director, The Smile Train.

I am sure all such “Trains” moving around the country will continue to bring smiles to more human beings. I wish to anchor a couple of such trains..

The past one year has seen a flood of accomplishments by Indians on the world stage – the three Oscars here to go with Vishy Anand and Abhinav Bindra in Sports are definitely bound to inspire scores of children. As A R Rahman summed up in his acceptance speech, “It is just a great starting point.”

Every child is Unique, and we celebrate this uniqueness. We, as a movement in education, are in unique position to stroke the imagination and talent of the impressionable young minds and hearts to facilitate their dreams come true. Come, let us make it happen.

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