Ownership, Purpose, Passion, Responsibility, Perseverance, Excellence…

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I was walking briskly with my #camera, with an intention to #photograph #Kite-making, in the short half an hour time I had. This young man, a #logistics-auto plier, tapped me as I was passing by his auto and asked, “#Reporter?”, “Write for #Magazine?”. I said I do write, for my websites and blogs, at times columns in newspapers. His #enthusiasm was so #infectious, I paused to talk to him….. As he started, realized this #interaction will be so invaluable for #youth who give a million reasons for their inability to perform. Hence recorded….

listen to him…..

Since I was in Ahmedabad, I had acceded to requests from Baroda and Ahmedabad offices of CL Educate to take PDP workshops. These we’re eight hour sessions, covering..

A. Understanding self
B. Personal Victory
C. Public Victory
D. Creating a vision for self
E. Building Profile
Leading to excellence in life

At the end of the sessions, quite a few participants started asking questions on how they keep their enthusiasm for long, overcome their language challenge etc…

I just showed them this video that I had just captured… Each one was overawed.

#Ownership is the key. Do you own yourself?


#Vision #Purpose #Passion #Perseverance – John Hanke and Pokémon Go.

How long does it take to create an overnight success? For John Hanke it’s taken him 20 years to create Pokémon Go.


This week, the Pokémon Go app has broken all records, with 10 million+ downloads in the first week, exceeding Twitter in daily active users, and with higher average user time than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram & WhatsApp.

How did John Hanke create such a massive overnight craze? Here’s the 10 times he levelled up in his lifetime to reach Pokémon Go:

1st Level up: In 1996, while still a student, John co-created the very first MMO (massively multiplayer online game) called ‘Meridian 59’. He sold the game to 3DO to move on to a bigger passion: mapping the world.

2nd Level up: In 2000, John launched ‘Keyhole’ to come up with a way to link maps with aerial photography, and create the first online, GPS-linked 3D aerial map of the world.

3rd Level up: In 2004, Google bought Keyhole and with John’s help, turned Keyhole into what is now ‘Google Earth’. That’s when John decided to focus at creating GPS-based games.

4th Level up: John ran the Google Geo team from 2004 to 2010, creating Google Maps and Google Street View. During this time, he collected the team that would later create Pokémon Go.

5th Level up: In 2010, John launched Niantic Labs as a start-up funded by Google to create a game layer on maps. John explains why he called it Niantic:

“The Niantic is the name of a whaling ship that came up during the gold rush and through a variety of circumstances g hv bot dragged on shore. This happened with other ships, too. Over the years, San Francisco was basically just built over these ships. You could stand on top of them now, and you wouldn’t know it. So it’s this idea that there’s stuff about the world that’s really cool but even though it’s on the Internet, it’s hard to know when you’re actually there.”

6th Level up: In 2012, John then created Niantic’s first geo-based MMO, “ingress”:

John explains: “In the case of Ingress the activity is layered on top of the real world and on your phone. The inspiration was that it was something that I always used to daydream about while I was commuting back and forth from home to Google.”

“I always thought you could make an awesome game using all the Geo data that we have. I watched phones become more and more powerful and I thought the time would come that you could do a really awesome real-world adventure-based game.”

7th Level up: In 2014, Google and the Pokémon Company teamed up for an April Fools’ Day joke, which allowed viewers to find Pokémon creatures on Google maps. It was a viral hit, and got John thinking the idea could be turned into a real game.

8th Level up: John decided to build Pokémon Go on the user-generated meeting points created by players of Ingress, and the most popular became the Pokéstops and gyms in Pokémon Go:

As John says, ”The Pokéstops are submitted by users, so obviously they’re based on places people go. We had essentially two and a half years of people going to all the places where they thought they should be able to play Ingress, so it’s some pretty remote places. There are portals in Antartica and the North Pole, and most points in between.”

9th Level up: John raised $25 million from Google, Nintendo, the Pokémon Company and other investors from Dec 2015 to Feb 2016 to grow a team of 40+ to launch Pokémon Go this year.

10th Level: John and his team launched Pokémon Go on July 6th in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Since its launch, Nintendo’s share price has risen $12 billion, and the app is already generating over $2 million daily in in-app purchases, making it an overnight phenomenon.

The overnight success of Pokémon Go has taken John Hanke 20 years to create. Throughout these 20 years, while he had a big vision of a game layer over the world, he didn’t know what form it would take. At every step, he just focused at his next level up.

At each new level, he had new powers, new team members, and new items in his inventory…

Are you, like John, treating your own entrepreneurial journey like one big MMO?

Keep the end in mind, but focus today on simply levelling up.

At every level, grow your powers, your team, and your luck.

And know it takes many levels to win the game.

“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.” ~ Eddie Cantor

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Unsung Heroes – Jainarayan Nag – Swati Paan Bhandar – A TWO Crore enterprise

Swati Paan Bhandaar - Jainarayan Nag, Ahmedabad / Mumbai While traveling around the country interacting with youngsters, many who are studying in best of the institutions like IITs and other prestigious colleges, and who claim and want to get into institutions like IIMs, but do not have any purpose or goals defined. They say they want to do MBA, but do not know anything beyond saying ‘Good job’, ‘good salary’, ‘enhancing ones skills’ and so on. When I ask them what did they learn in the current course they are pursuing, they are either blank or retort saying that ‘I learnt nothing here, hence I want to do MBA’.

Unsung Heroes is a series featuring men and women who are omnipresent in the street corners or on occasions, who people hardly take notice of or talk about; But they are the ones who believe in ones own dream, chase their calling in life and have realized their dream.
My friend Ajesh, an erudite edupreneur and a CL family member in Ahmedabad, asked me whether I would be interested in having typical Gujarati snacks at a much sought after restaurant SWATI Thali in Ahmedabad in the month September, 2010. I jumped at his offer. I realized how popular the restaurant is by the waiting numbers outside the restaurant. We too took our seats in the queue to be ushered in.

While waiting, I noticed an elderly gentleman in his dhoti, kurta and a typical Gandhi cap briskly making paan, while a couple of youngsters are catering to the cutomers by reaching out the paan they were seeking from ice-boxes that already have stacks of paan.

As is my wont, I was keen on talking to the elderly gentleman, but he was so busy that I was observing the way the production of paan was carried out, the customer service, friendly smile and quick comment being passed on. I could go no further as our turn came to get into the restaurant.

The snacks that we had in the restaurant were out of this world. The story about ‘Swati Thali’ is another one. I shall retrict myself to the elderly gentleman caterging paan now. When we emerged out of the restaurant, still he was as busy. I had a quick word with him, appreciating the way he was conducting the business, with a promise to catch up with very soon when I visit next.

On the eve of Republic Day, 2010, I was once again in Ahmedabad and I grabbed Ajesh’s offer to get to Swati. This time, fortunately, it was not a weekend and the crowd at the paan shop was not as thick. I went up to the elderly gentleman after a while, when he took a break from packing paans, and sought time to interact with him.

He took me aside. We sat and began to interact and he gave insights into his journey…

  • Mr Jainarayan Nag came to Mumbai in 1965 from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh looking for better opportunities. Quickly realized that his forte of Paan making is the one he can rely upon to earn his livelihood.
  • He proudly shared that industrial stalwarts – singhanias, Bajajs, Ruias – film stars Kapoors, Kumars who have been his clients for five decades. He fondly recalled the interactions he had with Ramakrishna Bajaj, Raj Kapoor, Ashok Kumar..
  • His eyes twinkled when he spoke in his inimitable style how he was compelled to travel around the world for his paan business by his ‘fans’. He threw names of five star hotels in Hongkong, Bangkok, Dubai, London etc. where he has catered paan to many a marriage from business families at their special invitation.
  • He mistook me to a journalist, and went on to share that Business newspapers and television channels have interviewed him; And he figures in many a story on the internet, which he only heard of from his clients!!
  • I was a little inquisitive about what his children must be doing. He shared that he has only son and he takes care of the paan outlet at Ahmedabad’s number 1 club. He also caters paan at the second biggest club at Ahmedabad. I went on to gather that he now has two outlets in Mumbai and three in Ahmedabad.
  • I humbly asked a question “Jainarayan ji, on an average how many paans do you sell in a day at Swati thali paan bandaar”. He immediately told me that “Nahi Nahi, Yeh sawaal nahin poocha jatha hai, na hi jawaab diya jatha”. I apologized for asking that question, as I was just curious to write about this story to inspire youngsters to really think big and commit themselves for their passion.

My observations on his business and his interactions –

  • Both times when I have been to “Swati Thali” and sat in the queue waiting for our turn to come, I noticed that at Swati Paan Bhandar –
  1. Most popular paan versions are ready in the ice packs ready to serve
  2. Jainarayan ji is busy in only creating the ‘paan bank’ and not preparing it when the customer asks for it..
  3. He has a wide variety of accompaniments that go along with the likes of a paan connoisseur
  4. At no point of time one can find numbers any less than ten to twelve customers
  • One of the old customers (they spoke as if their families know each other) while interacting was asking
  1. “Aapka naya flat kitna bada hai” – 3000 sq ft.
  2. “Aapka theen shops jahan par hai, who ilakaa badhi theji se badh rahi hai” – “Haan, wahan multiplex agaya hai, do malls bhi aa rahi hain”

My observations and a quick back of the envelope calculations yields-

  • Jainarayan ji, starts his ‘Swati paan bhandar’ at 11am and closes it at midnight.
  1. While waiting and watching him for an hour during the busy part of the day, he must have sold about 200-300 paans in an hour. If I consider six hours of his day are busiest and the other seven hours the demand is only half of the busy hour, even then the sales estimation for that particular bhandaar is about 2000 paans per day.
  2. Across the five outlets (three in Ahmedabad, and two in Mumbai), the modest estimates could be nothing less than 10000 paans a day.
  3. That amounts to almost Rs 1.5Lacs topline every day from his five outlets, not to talk of any of the events.
  4. What is the annual turnover???? if not a 6-7 crore bizz, at least a 2 crore one at the bare minimum!! , not considering Jainarayan ji’s parties and shaadis in India and Abroad at the invitation of the Industrialist friends!!
Naturally “Yin cheejon ke bhare mein baat nahin karte” – We do not talk about these things !!

I asked Jainarayan Nag, why he has not ventured into the internet space with his website. I told them it is possible that he may get orders from abroad too for his paan. He responded saying that “many people going abroad, order for a few hundred paans and get it packed”, and he is open to creating the website if I could find a couple of youngsters who can create one. Next day while talking to a couple of hundred youngsters at Ahmedabad at NIRMA university, i threw this idea to them. If only any youngster could create a website for Jainarayan Nag’s “Swati Paan Bhandaar” and asks for 10% of the profits generated through the web!!


Purposefulness, Passion, Perseverance with belief are key ingredients to Success

Jan 13, 2009. 3:30pm. I entered the temporarily erected air-conditioned tent that was huge and ready to accommodate over 1000 people. This was nothing compared to the tent of the inaugural session where 15000 people were accommodated, including over 100 dignitaries – prime-ministers and presidents of various visiting countries, industry leaders like Ratan Tata, Ambanis, Mittals etc…on stage. I am talking about Vibrant Gujarat, the annual summit that happens in Ahmedabad wherein Indians (Gujarati’s predominantly) from all over the world and also the governmental heads of the nations which have seen significant contribution from Indian Community assemble every year. The session that is about to commence is that of Human Development and Social Infrastructure sector, one of dozen such sessions on various areas of development. I could see eminent personalities of various institutions in the areas of Health, Education around, a few were there to address the gathering, and many more were there to ink an MOU with Gujarat Government to contribute in the development of Gujarat, by executing a few projects.

Decisive moves in 24 hours – IWS way convinces Gujarat Government

Decisive moves in 24 hours – IWS way convinces Gujarat Government

In a few minutes the MC of the event, a pretty elegant lady civil servant, started calling the organizations that have been selected through a stringent process for their abilities to contribute to the growth of the vibrant state of Gujarat. There were three columns in the arena. The left most was to be occupied by the representatives of the invited organizations for the MOU signatures. First row filled, then the second, then came the name of Career Launcher Education Foundation. I went and occupied the second seat in the third row. I just introduced myself to the gentleman sitting to my left. To my surprise, he was the director of NIFT Ahmedabad and he had come to sign an MOU wherein they are going to help artisans of Gujarat. My eyes fell on a familiar gentleman in the row ahead. I went and wished him, and he pleasantly reciprocated and recognized me as I had attended one closed door meeting of IIT-IIM alumni body a couple of years ago. Then this gentleman was director of IIMA – Dr. Bakul Dholakia. Here in this conference, he is heading an entity that is setting up a university.

The session commenced with addressing by a few gentleman including a couple of ministers. The one that impressed me most was that of Dr. Devi Shetty, Narayana Hridayalay in Bangalore. Here is a gentleman whose endeavours of heart operations and transplants save 40,000 lives every year. He is also going to sign an agreement to set up one of the largest hospitals in Gujarat.

Vibrant Gujarat MOU signing for Schools

Vibrant Gujarat MOU signing for Schools

Then the time for signing MOU’s came, there were four tables with secretaries of the government ready to sign and various names to be called. Mr. Narendra Modi entered the tent to a thunderous applause and took the designated seat on the stage, while people started signing the MOU’s in front of him. In a while the MC announced the name of Career Launcher Education Foundation that will undertake setting up of nine schools in the state of Gujarat for a project worth of Rs. 176.85Crores over the next four years. I headed to the table, signed the docket, exchanged, and headed to shake hands with the Chief Minister. A new page in our movement added.

Sreeni stepping out of stage after interacting with Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat

Sreeni stepping out of stage after interacting with Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat

It was momentous occasion for every mentor and every facilitator of our school movement. I was just a signatory representing our movement. All the wonderful work done thus far has yielded this result.

Every thing started in the month of October in one of the education sessions at CII, where I met a resident commissioner of Gujarat government in a session I spoke in. At the end of the session he asked me whether we will be interested in setting up schools in tribal districts of Gujarat. I readily shared our interest. After a few interactions, that were very positive and developmental, the government created a committee to head to one of our schools to observe and evaluate our institution.

Jan 02, 2009, 9am, the two-gentlemen team landed in Indore and immediately started the day at the school with the very first event of the day, morning assembly. They were taken in by the whole atmosphere, that I could see a great amount of appreciation on their faces. At the end of the assembly one gentleman asked Smita whether we allow parents in the assembly?!! To his surprise he discovered that all the elegantly dressed ladies who had so many children on their laps and shoulders where mentors and not parents!!

Children take responsibilities every week - in the kitchen at IWS Indore

Children take responsibilities every week - in the kitchen at IWS Indore

We let them lose with a broad agenda for them to select and evaluate. They interacted with a couple of mentors; they went and sat in the classes to observe; they entered the kitchen to see what is happening; they dined at the same time as children and noticed how mentors were interacting and facilitating children make choices and eat responsibly; then they sat through and observed from sidelines a QCT (quality Circle time) of class 3 wherein children were airing, sharing and resolving their personal differences amicably and promising to make a behavioural shift that will help the class. They spent time in the mentors room and were impressed with the co-learning that happens along with usage of laptops.

Facilitating to be responsible, faciliting India of tomorrow

Facilitating to be responsible, faciliting India of tomorrow

They enjoyed the art class, they were surprised at the ingenuity of the sports teachers’ way of engaging children with varieties of innovative games in a small playground through usages of tyres, nets, poles. They spent time in understanding all support systems and process – transportation, finances, purchases, stock handling etc. They were surprised at the level of technological facilitation, including parental interaction over SIS; it is almost a paperless institution. By the end of the second day, one of the members pulled out a file to say that I had brought a long check list to evaluate, surprisingly we found we got much more that what the list stated.

It will come as a surprise to you to know that, most of the mentors or staff of IWS Indore, did not really know who the two gentlemen seen around the corridors and classrooms for the two days were, unlike most other institutions that I know off, where a big announcement would have been made in advance to maintain decorum during the visit of dignitories!!! Most of the school team in fact realized the identities and gravity only after the Gujarat team left. The Gujarat team had a lot wonderful things to share about an environment that is a vibrant one promoting learning not only among children, but for every individual in the school. They wrote their feedback in the school visiting diary.

While parting, to head to the airport on Jan 3rd evening, they shared that they were delighted by the whole visit and that by Feb first-week we would get a call to visit Ahmedabad to take the matter ahead. To our utter amazement, the call came on Jan 7th, saying that we have to reach on Jan 12th to sign the MOU as the Chief Minister and the secretary of the department want it to be signed during Vibrant Gujarat. That is how I landed in that Air Conditioned tent in Ahmedabad!!

If all goes well, we will have ‘community enabling centres’ at a few locations that goes beyond just schools and also many more schools may get hooked onto our endeavours, as the preliminary interactions indicate, during the recent visit to Gujarat by GP and Sachin!! We have to move into the execution mode very soon.

Join me in congratulating the entire IWS team at Indore, headed by Ms. Smita Rathore, the entire CLEIS and school team at Delhi, the technology team, the finance team supporting the endeavours and also the vocational team under Arindam that played an important role in the interactions and followups at Ahmedabad, and finally every member of the Career Launcher family.

Hurray!! We are set to facilitate the Governments!! We are set to facilitate the larger communities. Let us Deliver, Let us make a difference to every child of this nation.

Looking forward to your comments… that will help me to ‘swamanthan’ more, leading to learning.

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