On the Himalayan Trail, over Mt. Everest and more



Are #Educational #institutions ready for Industry 4.0. ?

It was a pleasure #addressing, #interacting and #learning with a presence of over 25 educational #leaders, mostly #Chancellors, #Vicechancellors, #Directors of #universities from #India and also #Tech #evangelists from around the #world

The discussions were around #tech enablement and facilitation of educational institutions including #faculty and #students.

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One of the exciting things around the conference was the Himalayan trail by flight. We all assembled at 5am to head to the Tribhuvan airport to board the flight. All the edu leaders sounded like school children, excited to see the himalayas from a different perspective, flying over it.

The domestic wing of the Tribhuvan airport was like a market place, crowded, people huddled, interacting, shouting. Only difference was the market is of taking flights.

Thankfully the sun emerged to the utter relief of everyone. The morning sky was more or less clear. Many were circusmpect, as cloudy days are not great for the Himalayan trail.

Finally huddled into the bus, and the tarmac was littered with smaller aircrafts, max 40 seaters. Buddha air, Tara air…entire pantheon of Buddhism could be found on the tarmac, as flight operators. It took some waiting on the tarmac, before we boarded the flight. I managed to capture a few minutes with my mobile cam and here are the clips.

On boarding, every one tried to grab the window seat on either side. I got into the aircraft last, as filming took priority and I was grabbing the visuals on the tarmac littered with these small aircrafts. Thankfully the first seat was empty and I grabbed it. Carrying three cams, Nikon 700, Yashika 4K and Samsung Mobile, I was keen to be at the pole position as anyone there, wondering which side of the flight will be the Himalayan ranges. Once the flight took off, the excitement in the aircraft, with over 25, fifty-year-old youngsters was palpable each trying to peep through those peepholes trying identify which peak is which on the himalayan Map dished out by the airhostesses. The young ladies were kind enough to help each identify, going from one bunch to the other.

Midlfight we were even allowed to get into the cockpit to have a glimpse at the the pilot view of the ranges. The flight started from the western range in the Nepali Himalayas and moved till the east where Sagarmatha, as is everest called, and the flight took a steep u-turn now going over the ranges, half way on the flight. Mt. Makalu, Mt. Everest, Shiva Parvati,….. every one was excited to identify their own peaks and debating which one is the correct one. Mobiles flashing, selfies taken through the flight windows.

In an hours time, as we moved away from the ranges, on our descent, the youngsters settled down on their seats to have a chat with thy neighbours on the magnificent range and the peaks and what a view it was through those tiny peep holes of the dornier!

Back on ground, into the bus, chatting away about the sessions that is ahead of us that afternoon.

It was a memorable trip to Himalayas, once in a life time. Now that I have seen all the peaks, I should head to the tallest one, Mt. Everest, on foot, soon 😉


Failure is not falling down, Failure is not getting up again!

We do not fail, we give up. Your resolution to success is most important than anything else. Whenever you have not given up, you always succeeded…

In my motivational series, “Dream It, Do It!”, I talk about the remarkable story of inspiring Mark Inglis, a mountaineer from New Zealand…who conquered Mt. Everest against all odds..

In words of Mark Inglis on his website, “Standing on the summit of Mount Everest has always been a boyhood dream, a dream that I thought I had lost in 1982 when as a Search and Rescue Mountaineer in New Zealand’s majestic Mount Cook National Park, I had a ‘hiccup’ in my climbing career, stuck in an ice cave dubbed ‘Middle Peak Hotel’ near the summit of Mount Cook for 14 days. As a result of this stay I lost both legs below the knees to frostbite.

Double Amputee Mark Inglis conquers Mt. Everest

On May 15th, 2006 that dream came true when I stood on the roof of the world, the summit of Mount Everest as the first double amputee to do so. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes, a great learning experience for me and even more importantly raising tens of thousands of dollars for the Cambodia Trust. I am a patron of the trust and October 2003 was spent in Cambodia working with the multitude of amputees there, working with leg design but even more importantly with attitudinal change. I have recently arranged for legs for Tibetan Sherpas who have lost limbs to frostbite just as I did.

My career has gone from SAR mountaineer to legless mountaineer! From there to a research scientist career after graduating with a first class honours degree in human biochemistry. That career evolved into winemaking with one of New Zealand’s leading winemakers, Montana, lasting an exciting 10years, the last 2 as senior winemaker.

I was privileged to ski internationally in the early 1990’s and have always loved cycling, that passion culminating in a Silver medal on the track in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. Even more recently the mountains have called again, starting with the summiting Aoraki/Mount Cook in January of 2002.

September 27th 2004, my 45th birthday saw me standing on my first 8000m peak, Cho Oyu, at 8201m the 6th highest in the world. That summit meant I am only the second double amputee to have summited an 8000m peak, but as always that wasn’t quite enough. From the summit of Cho Oyu I looked straight out at what people have told me was the impossible, Everest!”

Go to youtube to watch more of his inspiring videos..

Each one of us is no less. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes, sit back and go through every moment of success and satisfaction in your life, thus far. Live every event and moment, before – during – after, you will realize what you need to do to herald your flag in the next BIG THING Of your journey, called LIFE..


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