Reviews of Dream It, Do It! 2013 India motivation tour from Gorakhpur

The youth was transfixed for four hours and wanted more when the session finally ended. They would not leave sreeni. Many shared that it has been a life changing session. Quite a few were asking when would the next session be…

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Hindustan carried this story…

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Dainik Jagran shared their understanding…

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Jansandesh Times…

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Amar Ujala reporter carried more for parents for facilitating their children based on post session interaction that he had with me..

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Based on the post-session interaction the education reporter created this story in Jansandesh Times

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Dainik Jagran’s INEXT carried this story

Dream It, Do It! 2013 @ Gorakhpur

Radio mantra did an interview and message for their audience and a few more articles and intervies are expected this week in various education and career supplements. I shall add them here as and when they reach me..
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Dream It ! Do It ! – A compellingly motivational Series…2010

Posting updated on 25th October!

The journey of ‘Dream It! Do It!’ took me through 30 odd cities in 45 days! I could not make it to the following cities before CAT – Pune, Mumbai, Baroda, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Agra, Meerut, Gzbd, Jammu, Hissar, Gurgaon, Faridabad………. Looking forward to facilitating as many as I can through the session posting on youtube in the next one week! I am sure I can be as effective through this medium too! Watch out for the posting!

“I attended your session at Bangalore on 26th Sept,10 and talked to you at the end about how important MBA from IIM is for my life. The session conducted by you has been one of the most inspiring sessions i have ever experienced. Your advice to me at the end really lifted my spirits and my ultimate goal became more clearer. I

Dream It! Do It! @ Patna

have attended so many seminars but none has touched my heart like this because this session was not only about cracking CAT but about life and its various shades which we all negate in day to day life. A warm and sincere thanks to you for helping me to think about these important areas.”

“First of all A Big THaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for the session and it was one of the best things i have ever experienced. I have attended thousands of seminars and

Dream It! Do It! @ Jamshedpur

lectures but today for the first time after I left my home some 3 years back in the search of my aim & goal, I have come across something substantial. Believe me sir you have touched my heart and moved me”

So go many of the emails I have been receiving, after every session. Each one is from a charged aspirant who wants to change his or her life for better; who wants to bell the CAT in 2010.

Dream It! Do It! @ Dehradun

I am on my annual pilgrimage across the country before CAT. I get motivated and inspired while motivating and inspiring youngsters and old alike to push their boundaries…. boundaries of thought and action, and boundaries of achievement! Every year scores of students write back saying that this session has been of immense value in helping them reach their dream destinations, institution of their choice. I keep pushing my boundaries all the time, in order to be able to push each of the participants…. The whole exercise is a great energizer for me, though each session is energy-sapping when I finish those four hours of ‘dancing and singing in the alleys!!’

Dream It! Do It! @ Delhi

This year the series started from Delhi with a great opening at three different locations and continued to address CAT aspirants at Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Kurukshetra, Patiala, Patna, Durgapur, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Cochin, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore so far. At most of these locations, the halls have been packed and people were unrelenting to move even after four hours. The audi guys had to push us out!! At Varanasi, it was very heartening to see girls in hijab sitting in the packed hall even when the world outside was celebrating Eid / Ganesh Chathurthi and Teej, all of which fell on the same day.

Dream It! Do It! @ Varanasi

The best thing I liked about the sessions have been the Q&A in each location that lasted for over two hours. The participants, students and also many working executives, asking questions not limited to preparation for CAT but of larger perspectives of setting goals and priorities, focus and concentration, managing time, social expectation, expectations from self, pushing boundaries…..!!

Dream It! Do It! Jalandhar

The participants gave feedback at the end of the sessions. I just thought of sharing the summary from 3000+ participants so far during this tour –

a. Feedback about the session
0. Life altering and Life changing
i. Fantabulous!
ii. Brilliant!
iii. Awesome!
iv. Outstanding, never attended anything like this before
v. The session was an eye-opener. It can change everyone’s life for the better.
vi. Such sessions should keep happening once in a while
vii. Very motivational

Dream It! Do It! @ Allahabad

viii. Two more such sessions before CAT!!
ix. I am going to be at IIMA now
x. Can we have Audio and Video CDs of this session
xi. I WILL, IIM here I come
xii. I am an IIMA student from now on
xiii. Thanks a lot for conducting this session; It has changed my outlook
xiv. Do should have done this session four months ago!
xv. You should do it for parents too!

Dream It! Do It! Delhi Univ

b. Three things I carry home from this session

i. Vision, Vision, Vision
ii. Inspiration and Motivation
iii. Positive thinking, Self belief and Right attitude are the key
iv. Passion rewards… I will be
v. Sachin’s discipline, Oscar Pistorius’ strong desire to compete
vi. Energy, Energy and Energy
vii. Practicing everyday is the ‘mantra’
viii. Live, Eat, Breathe what you really want… IIM in my case now
ix. Think Ahead, Look Ahead, Run Ahead… learn lessons from the past

Dream It! Do It! Visualization @ Gorakhpur

x. I will remove “try’ from my dictionary.. I will do it
xi. New found determination
xii. Got a wake-up call !!
xiii. Master the fundamentals
xiv. Nothing is impossible
xv. Determination, Dedication, Discipline… 3 Ds of Success
xvi. Clear vision of what I want to be!
xvii. Peace of mind
xviii. Will remember ‘Going to the 10th floor…’; brain releases the chemicals to help us achieve what we want to..
xix. Listening to My OWN HEART, not to any one else
xx. I will have to conquer myself, I will conquer the world
xxi. If I think I can, I will definitely will make it
xxii. I will never forget Bumble bee and climbing the stairs!!
xxiii. Big successes come when you do small steps well
xxiv. Starting the game and finishing it… I will succeed
xxv. Being selfish and hungry for more

Dream It! Do It! @ Mandi house, Delhi

c. Learnings I will implement in my life –

i. Passion can defy destiny, I WILL
ii. I will believe in myself
iii. I will Plan and work with dedication
iv. I will Face the reality
v. I will Manage my time
vi. I will use Time management matrix to organize my schedule well
vii. I will imbibe the Attitude of ‘just do it’
viii. I will give Sweat, Guts and Blood…. Nothing less will do!
ix. Every second counts; I will be disciplined
x. I will Fight and do not give up
xi. I will be Making schedules and sticking to it
xii. It is ‘Me Vs Myself”
xiii. I realize that there is No substitute for hardwork

Dream It! Do It! @ Chandigarh

xiv. I will Practice, practice, practice… every day
xv. I will tell the world what I want to do!
xvi. I will make learning every day agenda
xvii. I will Change my habits to achieve anything
xviii. I will make Flash Cards and use it every moment of time
xix. I will make IIM class of 2013 Placards and stick every where
xx. I will be focused on myself, and not bother about others
xxi. I will fight the Urge to Give up
xxii. Step out of the comfort zone; I Will
xxiii. I will give up my comforts and strive
xxiv. It is never too late to Begin, I will start today with passion
xxv. I will work harder
xxvi. I will study hard for eight hours; and also sleep for eight to be fresh
xxvii. RC is the key to succeed in CAT, I will work on it seriously
xxviii. Will polish my fundamentals thoroughly
xxix. I will continuously revise with a plan
xxx. I will do thorough analysis of every mock to improve myself
xxxi. I will keep fighting

d. Suggestions to improve the sessions

i. The session is energy sapping, so much in a few hours
ii. Use videos of our generation, or about students going through similar challenges
iii. Show more IIM student videos
iv. More interaction and examples
v. The focus was on Success and how to win. Kindly focus more on CAT (Spent two hours only answering CAT related questions after the first two hours on Dream It, Do It!)

vi. Use more Hindi!!
vii. Kindly include more videos from Business and student world too, though sports videos are very compelling
viii. You can do some activities with participants during the session

Videos of “Believing is seeing, 2009 version of Dream It! Do It! Motivational Series; CAT 2010 takers can watch these and charge themselves”

Believing is seeing Part I

Believing is seeing Part II

Believing is seeing Part III

Believing is seeing Part IV


The journey to the Audi @ Delhi…..Viva Metro!

I was heading to the venue by my car, and it was pouring and as I approached Apollo hospital, still a good 15 kms away from the venue, I realized that though I have an hour and half for the session to start, I would not be able to reach. The pouring rains and the blocked drains, had already caused a long traffic jam. I covered a kilometer in half an hour. I just asked my driver to turn the car around at the next cut and head to the nearest metro station, Botanical Garden in Noida, which was a good four Kms away, hoping that the way will not be that crowded. Thanks to my luck, it was indeed a smooth drive. And in 10 min, I was at the station.

This was the first time I was boarding the metro on this Noida-Dwarka line. The line has been opened a few months ago. But, I was appalled by the apathy we Indians have towards any thing that does not belong to us. The moment, I stepped on to the escalator, I noticed pan-spits on the wall next to it; Stepped into the bogey, scribbling on the walls. We have world-class service being provided and we don’t care for its well-being……

Yes, I reached the Sriram Centre in just forty minutes. If I had continued by road, I would never have made it to the session. Viva Metro!!


“Realizing Your Dreams” Tour – A great way to push youngsters to realize their potential

In the last one month I have traveled to thirteen cities, took 18 seminars, in the Northern, Eastern and Central India, addressing youth with dreams in their eyes, as part of “Realizing Your Dreams – Secrets of Success in CAT, Career and Life” tour. These sessions are also labeled as “90 days to CAT”, “80 days to CAT” and so on as is convenient to each of the centres to pull aspirants. Today I am in Bhopal, addressing ‘Get JOSH & Pagalpan. Conquer CAT in 50 days’. I have so far addressed in excess of seven thousand students in these seminars. Landing in the next city every morning, charge myself to charge the youngsters, enabling them to think big, by the end of the day again board the train to the next destination. It has been very exciting, at the same time enervating. Every seminar is a two-2-three hours of intense engagement, shaking the youth to get out of the slumber to set out on the path to realizing their dreams, their immediate goal of excelling in CAT. It is very demanding – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially – as I need to facilitate them in those short two hours or so, to get rid of negative thoughts, look ahead optimistically, believe that they can really succeed by giving their best.

Though I feel exhausted by the end of the session, at times two such sessions in a day, I am very delighted that this endeavour is helping scores of students to believe in themselves. The Feedback I am getting at the end of the sessions, the number of mails that I have been receiving, and the demand to share the videos that I interleave during the seminars, shows that we are on the right direction. The energy that each of the participant in the seminars carries home at the end of the session is unimaginable. It is just a question of PUSHING THEM TO PUSH THEIR BOUNDARIES. More the number of such seminars I address, greater is the realization and confirmation too from the youth for such programme to be internal to any endeavours.

It took me a couple of sessions to come to the equation of how to cover the three elements of the sessions – Thinking Big, Challenging the CAT and Introducing IWSB, an institution stoking Entrepreneurial Leadership. Also the demarcations have been pretty dynamic depending on the effort it takes to push the audience to wake up from their ‘slumber’.

Thinking BIG and Being Passionate about the GOAL

Secrets of Success

As part of the session, I cover about an hour or so on – thinking big, setting out goals to achieve, being passionate about them, making them realize that it is not difficult to achieve every goal that we set, if only we really want it. I take help of videos very liberally to demonstrate the secrets of success – Passionate about the goal, the attitude one carries, the hardwork one is willing to put, and the confidence and grit with which one faces the adversities, if the goal is to be achieved at any cost. Each one of us does demonstrate such a passion many a times, when we do not have any choice. How do we make every goal and every effort to realize the goal as passionate, is the question?

Single Minded pursuit of their Goal

Every goal can be achieved if we are willing to give our sweat and blood. Every time in our life, whenever we have achieved something, on introspection, we realize that we gave everything that we had at that moment. In an auditorium, when I pose a question about how many are giving their sweat and blood, response will be abysmal one-in-hundred. What does it convey, it is not about competition. Even if there are 3-lakh students appearing, only a couple of thousands are passionate about getting into IIMs. So every guy who is passionate and working hard will get a seat there. It is therefore just a question of fighting against oneself – to be passionate, fight the urge to give up, giving sweat and blood. It is all about “You Vs Yourself,” and competition has nothing to do with the final result.

This clip demonstrates the capability of a human being..

Oscar finishes Second in the GOLDEN League with all top abled-atheletes

“Kindly create a few Placards, with your name saying CLASS of 2012, IIMA written on them and place them everywhere”. It will goad you, challenge you, push you to work hard and perform. Students are writing to me about how this very simple act is constantly challenging them to perform and they say that they are different beings today.

Work on fundamentals and Sharpen the Saw

The second part of the session is to make every aspirant aware of how they need to equip themselves with tools, clarity of concepts and techniques to use the tools and concepts to gain momentum, reduce time, approximate computations and make judicious choices. Through solving of a few questions mentally, the aspirants do realize the need to be thorough on fundamentals and also how the tools like multiplicative tables, reciprocals and percentages help them to run faster with computations mentally.

I also cover on how to be a better reader, to comprehend and respond. Reading is a great challenge for most adults in India, as we do not venture beyond the books assigned by our syllabi. Many times even here we are very narrow in our selection. We read only what we like. The secret to excel is to enjoy reading, irrespective of what is thrown at you.

Though the current CAT format does not pose demands on time, yes, by being efficient in reading and computations, one can indeed save time to deploy elsewhere. Being good in English is paramount to succeeding in CAT.

One has to work systematically – stick to schedules, do not hit bed if one does not finish the targets for the day. Focus on revising fundamentals, gaining computational speed and investing time in polishing reading skills enable one to succeed.

Basically, do not panic. Be steadfast. Cover all that you need to every day…

In the mock exams, you need to be time bound. Allocate times for sections, do not violate and boundaries. Make sure that you reach the end of the section as soon as possible solving all the problems you can, without getting stuck at any. Make sure that you know when to leave a problem and when you will hold on to. One should be exhausted in every sense, by the time when on finishes any give mock exam.

You will be sitting in one of the IIMs next year if you do these basics thoroughly.

IWSB – Stoking Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Within short span of one year, IWSB has been rated by NEN Global, as one of the top seven institutions, including a couple of IITs and IIMs, for fostering entrepreneurial leadership. With a battery of well known entrepreneurs, founders of some of the fastest growing companies, like Sanjeev Bhikchandani of, Shantanu Prakash of Educomp, Vishwadeep Bajaj of ValueFirst and some of the well known investors like Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm, Sanjeev aggarwal of Helion etc. supporting the endeavours of IWSB, the institution is bound to make Entrepreneurship as its hallmark.

On each of the parameters that a student evaluates the institution – placements, faculty, curriculum, infrastructure, global outlook, industry interaction, hostel facilities and life in general, IWSB is in a league comparable to the best of the institutions in the country,

The summers witnessed IWSB students getting placed in the best of the corporates, in some of the fast growing companies apart from well known corporates, with handsome stipends. The fast growing companies give them greater responsibility and freedom to achieve the intended goals.

With an array of eminent academics headed by Prof. Ishwar Dayal, with over forty years of experience in IIM ecosystem – Kolkata, Ahmedabad and as Founder Director of Lucknow, IWSB stands as one of the best new institutions in the country. The academic team is supported by a battery of outstanding professionals from the industry who take sessions as visiting faculty too.

Every Friday, an eminent personality from Industry or other walks of life, interact with students to share their life journey, their face-2-face with failures and success under the programme “MY JOURNEY.” Apart from this, this year a team of seven corporate leaders from Europe visited IWSB, as part of their tour to understand the future potential of the INDIA. Last year a group of seven leaders from Europe visited the campus.

SRIJAN, a business plan competition, attracts huge entries every year and is known for actually incubating the best plans on the campus. It is one of a kind competition in India.

The life at IWSB is very interesting with outbound learning, rural immersion project, Shodhyatras for spotting innovation, Green Marathon, Games and sports, Active theatre group etc.

Kindly explore the website and also visit the IWSB channel on YouTube for a few interesting videos..

Looking forward to taking of on the next leg of the tour to West, SOuth and Central India in the next fortnight…

I am sure you all enjoyed the summary of the session “Realizing your Dreams”. I look forward to your comments and advise.
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