keynote: #Creating #Innovation #Ecosystem in Institutions to enable learners for the future


#Electrifying day it was; #TEDx style keynote on #Creating #Innovation #Ecosystem to enable  learners for the future; @ #Vision2030EduConference @MMUMullana. Of course, my TED cannot be staid and straight jacketed 🙂 Theatrics runs in the blood as the body, mind and soul get into action!
With the disruptive world gaining pace, the three things that we need to facilitate the child imbibe are – Keenness to learn, courage to push boundaries and not be worried about making mistakes and humility that can facilitate to build teams and lead. Each one of us need to be welcoming more and more abstractness in problem solving, and take every such opportunity as one to learn and discover, solve and impact.



It was day well invested with over 100 leaders of schools, colleges, universities interacting and sharing.  It was a pleasure listening to a few speakers too, who were also talking about need of learner-centric environment in the institutions.

The panel discussion that followed on #TEACHERSofFUTURE, seemed to be a corollary to my talk on innovation.

I am delighted to see very youthful education leaders emerging across the country, who are keen to create best of the learning environments; each one has had an exposure to best of the educational institutions within India or abroad. The entire event has been a brain child of Mr. Vishal Sood, an IIMA Alum, who is now at the helm of the Maharishi Markandeswar University in Haryana. With such young leaders, soon the hinterland too will have very meaningfully engaging learning environments that will integrate the outside world into the class and also take the class out to the realistic external world to engage and impact.

An institution would have served its purpose if and only if it is integral to solving the problems of the society within its vicinity. Imagine if every institution, school or university, solves half a dozen problems every year, what will the nation be. I was delighted to see a few of the principals of schools coming to me and talking about how they intend bring this change in their respective schools.

Feel blessed, for such moments. Life is Fruitful.  @careerlauncher @CLEducate @satyaumanandu
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MY dream for INDIA, My dream for Career Launcher

This is an article I wrote on our internal blog on May 20, 2008

Dear Mentors and Facilitators,

I would like to address each one of you as the Mentors and facilitators of FUTURE LEADERS of the world. That is what I believe in, and I see each one of you as. Here in, I am addressing everyone from all the institutions of the larger Career Launcher (CL) family. But these thoughts are not limited to only CL, I would be delighted if every education institution finds a vision and a role in enabling an empowered India.

Last four months and especially the last thirty days, have been a real learning experience for me, as I created opportunities to visit many a centre and spent an hour or two at each in Delhi, and at outstation centres too, including that of our enabling partners, for a day or two. Also during these visits, I have had the opportunity to interact and address many a student with dreams in his eyes, from each one of your centres, and parents who have aspirations for their dear ones. Thanks to each one of you, for making my visit and interactions exciting and worthwhile.

Every year scores of students walk through our corridors, enliven our learning spaces, enjoy the meaningful interactions with you all, in the process, a few (a few hundreds, I mean) get charged and conquer their dream world – Schools of Business, Technology, Law, Hospitality, Design, fashion and……. many more, which we don’t even realize that we facilitate them to get into!! Are we just coaching or teaching them?

Do you really see what role we can play in enabling?

Dear Mentors, do we see the next Mittal or Ambani, Mallya or Murthy, Kamath or Nooyi in our premises? Do you see a future Balakrishnan Or a Palkhivala in our corridor? Do you see an OBEROI or Armani in our class? Do you see a Sharukh or Hariprasad, Sachin or Lance in our arena? Do you see a Manmohan or Kalam, Bobby or Shashi, Rabindranath or Hargobind enlivening our learning spaces?

Do we realize that we facilitate about a thousand corporate leaders of tomorrow every year, many of them will go on to occupy the positions of CEOs and COOs of this world, few years down the line. We are already experiencing this, as we look at the corporate sector, some of the students who have walked through our corridors in mid-nineties are reaching the top echelons now. Imagine, how many hundreds of them will be occupying such positions in the near future. Visualize, how many will go on to lead not only the multinationals but also the nations of the world? The world? Yes, indeed the world.

The world is talking about India being the knowledge super-power, along with China. Brazil and Russia will also get into some contention. Anyways, the world is hailing India. Over the last decade, we have seen many a Multinational being headed by an Indian. NASA, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia,Vodafone…. the statistics say that 30-60% of the enablers in these organizations are Indians!! These are a result of brain-drain of 70s and 80s.

Let us go a little further back in History – Body-drain of early 20th century: Many Indians, farm labourers, hardly schooled, during 1900-1920, moved to nations stretching from FIJI in the east to Mauritius, Maldives in the Indian Ocean to West Indies in the Atlantic. Do you realize that quite a few from the next generation of these families are heading the adopted countries as Prime ministers and Presidents? Going ahead, If Barack OBAMA, a child of an African Immigrant, is in contention for the PRESIDENTSHIP OF THE USA this year, Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal, child of an Indian Immigrant, who is the youngest ever governor in the USA (State of Louisiana), is seen as a potential presidential candidate in the near future!!

An article in The Economist, one of the reputed international periodicals, a few months ago, said that vast stretches of inhabited Europe is being rendered lifeless with growth in geriatric numbers and population dwindling. ‘Some of the villages and towns are being taken over by pack of Wolves!!’ It also went on to say, the days or not far when many of the countries in Europe, who hold on to their immigration forts steadfastly, will have to throw open the doors for skilled workers from the subcontinent to help the nations keep going!! This will lead to the next wave of skilled and qualified workers from India move to the corners of the world.

As an example, let me talk about Gulf. The world over, the movement is towards democracy and it has reached the shores of the Gulf Countries. Indians constitute over 40% of the population, majority of them are skilled workers, most of them have moved in the last 30 years. Also, many of the large organizations in these countries now belong to Indians [Jumbo, NM, LuLu, Varkey…..], though an Arab is a part-owner (mostly in books). The countries in this part of the world can neither wish away impending democracy nor the Indians. Once the democratic movement sweeps solidly, aam-janata (majority Indians) will certainly influence policy making and governance, which they already do behind the scenes now.

In such a fast changing context, with huge numbers of trained manpower, India is being hailed as a knowledge super-power!! As a nation are we really realizing our potential? Do we know some hard facts about our nation?

What percentage of students in India, who join schools really finish their class X? What percentage of Indians move to university? Mmmmmmmmmmm…., take a guess?

The numbers are abysmal 6% and .62% (as much as I know, situation may be even worse). Imagine with these numbers, we as a nation are being hailed as ‘Knowledge super-power.’ What would happen to India and Indians, if these numbers are facilitated to grow by a few percentage points?

Dear Mentors, I see Career Launcher, as a movement, will be one of the catalysts to bring about this change, albeit in a small way. This is also one of the reasons, I see, why we have moved into mainstream education – schools, business school that focuses on facilitating entrepreneurial leadership, and pretty soon a university. The other reason being, by facilitating an individual to really blossom in the formative and absorbent first fourteen years of life, we can not only contribute to every individual realize her potential and make her dreams come true, but also that of the nation.

Six schools functioning this year in cities and towns, twenty more taking shape in the villages of Andhra Pradesh; We dream of reaching out quality education to every village in this country in a decade or two, that is about seven lakh of them; Every school, with a vibrant, invigorating and stimulating learning environment, enabling truly leaders of tomorrow.

Also look in this context, our endeavours in the vocational and skill development arena – taking over a few Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in every state, across the country, creating finishing schools in retail, finance and banking, engineering etc. Integrating these institutions with the schools across the country will enable the youngsters, not only go through stimulating learning at schools, but also facilitate them gain skills that they can use to earn a respectable livelihood even if they do not go for higher education. I am sure, when the world throws open the doors of immigration for skilled workers, they certainly have an opportunity to move across the barriers.

If the children of not-so-educated farm workers, who migrated to various parts of the world, can become the PRESIDENTS and PRIME MINISTERS of the countries, What will the educated India moving around the world be, in a couple of decades from now? I foresee fifty percent of world leaders, by the turn of the century, to be INDIANS!!

Dear Mentors, do we see what an impact we are going to make in this world. Now, do you see the future leaders of the world walking through our Corridors? Are we not mentoring and facilitating them, thereby ‘Inspiring Leadership’ of the future world.

Do you see the role I see for The Career Launcher Family in enabling the FUTURE INDIA!!

Dear Mentors of the World, we truly should be saying – ‘Karlo Duniya Mutti Mein’.

Come, let us make it happen.


Do you have a Resul or Rahman, Lata or Loveleen, Anand or Abhinav around you?

Joy Ho ! This morning has been one of the most inspirational mornings of my life, not only because of the Oscars that Pookutty, or A R Rahman / Gulzar have won for the first time along with Danny, Kate or a brilliant Sean Penn, but also because, the endeavours like that of Dr Subodh and Satish of ‘Smile train’ that brought smiles to ‘pinkies’ of the country, got recognized. It inspires me to look around and respond, to dedicate my life to bring smiles to fellow human beings..

As ‘my manthan’ continued, it struck me that our movement, Career Launcher, is in the right space of facilitating children, as there lies enormous potential in every child…..just look at the tremendous contribution the children have made to the success of Slumdog….or looking at each winner of the Oscars, where they began their life and where they reached. When I researched a little more on each of the winners this morning, I came across this uncanny resemblance to their rags to riches stories…aka Slumdog..Facilitating the Children

Let us facilitate the uniqueness to blossom

Resul Pookutty

Hailing from a small village of Vilakkupara in Kerala’s Kollam district, which didn’t have electricity for 17 years of his early life (ironically Vilakkupara means ‘village of light’), went on to graduate from FTII Pune in 1995 and win accolades for films like Black, Amu, Saawariya and the latest, Gajini among many of his films. Thankfully, Slumdog Millionaire happened for the world to recognize the extraordinary talent. He wins BAFTA and OSCARS apart from Cinema Audio Society (CAS) award for best sound mixing for the film. The first Indian Technician to win the Academy award went on to thank for “The history being handed over to him.”

A R Rahman

Allah Rakha Rahman, ever humble musical genius, hailed the almighty (Ella pughalum iraivanuke – All glory is to god) while accepting his double-Oscar. AR Rahman, who took the responsibility of the family at the young age of nine, dedicated his Oscar to his “loving” mother Kareema Begum, who was seated among the audience at the Kodak Theatre, by saying “Mere paas maa hai.” He went on to say, “I always had a choice between love and hate in my life. And I chose love and I am here.”

Though Rahman never had an opportunity to get proper education in his life, his genius compelled London School of Music to invite him to spend a couple of years in the campus, where he honed his western classical music along with his phenomenol grasp of Indian Classical Music. He returned to work with gurus like M S Vishwanathan and Illai Raja, before bursting on to the tamil film scene in 1986 and on to Hindi film world with Roja with Mani Ratnam, then followed some exceptional music in Bombay, Rangeel, Dil Se etc..

Resul Pookutty paid tributes to AR Rahman, saying that “He is a superlative sound engineer with mastery over technology working on desired sound and texture. He makes notes while listening to story narration itself.” He said that his Bafta and Oscar are courtesy A R Rahman.

PNK Naveen Kumar, who plays flute on Rahman’s compositions, Keith peters, the Bassist, noted percussionist Sivamani, Carnatic singer Unnikrishna all had to say only one thing “He is very humble and, gives respect and credit to every musician he works with”

A R Rahman, a spiritual soul, visits regularly a small Sufi Dargah in Nagore in rural Tamilnadu, and his composition in the movie FIZA – ’Piya Hazi ali, piya hazi Ali piya Hazi ali piya ho’ was inspired by the renditions at the Dargah.

Danny Boyle

Boyle was born in 1956 in Radcliffe into a working- class Irish Catholic family. His parents had wanted him to join the clergy but he decided against it much to the gain of the world of cinema. From his humble origins in a working class family to the glittering stage of the Academy Awards, Boyle has sure come a long way.

He began his career as a film director with the 1994 movie Shallow Grave after spending over a decade in the British theatre scene. The film was a psychological crime thriller which also marked the debut of actor Ewan McGregor. Train Spotting, a film revolving around the life of a group of drug addicts in recession-hit England, brought repute for Boyle. The film developed a cult following and was at the 10th spot by the British Film Institute in its list of Top 100 all-time British films. 52-year-old Boyle has never shied away from unconventional subjects for his films be it druggies in Train Spotting, zombies in 28 Days Later or futuristic astronauts in Sunshine.

Boyle won his first ever Academy award after being adjudged the Best Director for his Mumbai-based potboiler Slumdog Millionaire. The film had already won Boyle a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for ‘Best Director’ along with the top award at the Director’s Guild of America awards. His act of re-designating the talent director as Co-director of the film shows his humility and honesty in acknowledging fellow contributors.

Meanwhile, Boyle’s family including his father and twin sister Maria continue living in his native Radcliffe in the house where the now celebrated director grew up.

Dr Subodh K Singh of ‘Smile Train’

Smile Pinky by American filmmaker Magan Mylan is the other India-based film (documentary) that won Oscars this morning. Eight-year old Pinky had stopped smiling, even stopped going to school because she was ashamed of her cleft lip, a deformity 35,000 children are born with in India every year. Then this year, The Smile Train arrived in Pinky’s village and her world changed forever.

”She tried to smile but she was in a little pain so she couldn’t. But her eyes were saying so many more things. She looked at her face and then at my face and I think that is the best gratification I can get,” said Dr Subodh K Singh, Plastic surgeon. “This Oscar will bring the problem of clefts centrestage and probably change the lives of thousands of Pinkys who are still living with cleft lips,” said Satish Kalra, Director, The Smile Train.

I am sure all such “Trains” moving around the country will continue to bring smiles to more human beings. I wish to anchor a couple of such trains..

The past one year has seen a flood of accomplishments by Indians on the world stage – the three Oscars here to go with Vishy Anand and Abhinav Bindra in Sports are definitely bound to inspire scores of children. As A R Rahman summed up in his acceptance speech, “It is just a great starting point.”

Every child is Unique, and we celebrate this uniqueness. We, as a movement in education, are in unique position to stroke the imagination and talent of the impressionable young minds and hearts to facilitate their dreams come true. Come, let us make it happen.

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