Kejri and AAP, evolving rapidly on the three-phase trajectory of Acknowledgment!

Any new idea or a cause, originating from an individual or a movement has to invariably go through three stages of severe thapasya or Agni- pariksha :

  • Initial summary Rejection
  • Grudging silent acknowledgement
  • Finally, respectful embracing, recognition and celebration

Interestingly, the receiver goes through these stages in a particular cycle, vis-a-vis larger public; while every giver goes through this cycle in an asynchronous manner – time cycles vary. Go through, every individual of standing. And that individual of standing has to go through these stages every time he or she espouses a cause!

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP are somewhere between the first and second stage, politically speaking, vis-à-vis the khas parties and a few thinkers who are little behind on that trajectory compared to the AAM AADMI (ordinary people), who is somewhere between the second and the third stage. Yes, these givers will traverse those phases, eventually.

The sounds that are emanating from BJP and NaMo, who are aiming for the Gaddi in Delhi is redeploying their Weapons and Ammunitions towards AAP and Kejri, away from their main target a month ago, talks a lot about what they are perceiving is happening in the minds of AAM AADMI. The very fact BJP has not played their usual political games in Delhi to form the government, and getting embroiled in their own game to find themselves helpless is a great eye opener. NaMo’s roar in GOA yesterday and the BJP’s secret conclave focused on checkmating AAP says a lot…. Congress sees AAP as their savior from BJP bulldozing them… So, the big two political players have moved from stage on of Rejection (that existed before Dec 8, 2014) results to the stage of grudgingly acknowledging the new game changer…

Kejri is much more than what the opponents and criticizers see.. Gandhiji went through similar reactions in his initial phase of the battle for ‘Swaraj’, before he managed to attract eminent like-minded people to make it a mass movement of that could make his dream a reality. Kejri, a staunch Gandhian, is playing Gandhiji’s game…. Most critiques are failing themselves, by not seeing what is happening on the ground.

Aam Admi on the move…

Having known Kejri, at a one degree of separation for the last quarter of a century, and at zero degree of separation in the last three years, I know for sure, that he and his team will end up at the top. His record of the last two decades of public service speaks for itself….

  • Moving from a private enterprise to work in the governmental set up, was a conscious choice to serve people and the nation; to understand the working from close quarters…
  • Parivartan, was the first step towards working towards honest governance. It came about in the late nineties, when he was in the IT department, with the sole aim of taking on the corrupt and help the common man receive the services in a honest manner.
  • Then the realization dawned upon him and his team, that information, instead of being for the good of public, has become a source of power in a few hands, and the movement for RTI happened with like minded people like Aruna Roy and ilk. Eventually, RTI act became a reality. Since then it has empowered every common man to demand his right to know and be heard.
  • Then the realization that the RTI remains ineffective unless the corrupt are prevented from becoming the law makers, who patronage the corrupt all the way down the hierarchy in government and the society. Stringent watchdogs is the of the hour. A strong framework to aid the stringent watch dogs is the need of the hour. Hence the struggle to have an effective lokpal, began. The movement needed an identity. Kejriwal roped in Annaji, and many joined in. Annaji became the face of the movement, while Kejriwal created the whole support system along with a few eminent individuals who added their might. But the corrupt lawmakers did not yield. They challenged the movement to face the public in the electoral turnstiles. A few years of mass movement, though supported by large populace, did not yield result as the law makers gloated at the power they have. Kejri’s reposte, “Keechad ki safai, keechad mein utarne se hi hogi, tho hum utarenge” [If garbage can be cleaned only by stepping into it, we will]Annaji rejected the idea (not sure for what is the real reason; would he have done it, had he been a 40 year old now? I am not sure). A few of the esteemed colleagues in the movement rejected too calling politics ‘dirty’, forcing the man with conviction, Kejri, to forge ahead and AAP came Into existence. The rest is history.
  • The kichad is getting cleaned for sure….. Delhi outcome has been an eye opener for the most… compelling even a few of the ‘nay’ sayers in the IAC movement to eye BJP. I wonder what happened to the opinion of “politics is dirty” that they all threw at Kejri, just a year ago?

From Rejection to Recognition, through silent acknowledgment ….

  • What else can one say about what has happened in the thought process of the political parties in the last one month –
    • All parties passed one version of lokpal (diluted) in flat two days in both houses as they saw the writing on the wall. The years of the movement of IAC did not yield what AAP’s performance compelled the parties in the parliament within a week.
    • BJP did not dare to form the govt.; the thod-phod politics has been kept in the back burner!
    • From rejection phase, BJP and NaMo have moved a great distance into the second phase..
      • BJP is getting back to its RSS roots of using volunteers to build its base
      • BJP also building the NRI connect a-la AAP for funding
      • BJP called a special national meeting of conveners to create a strategy to stall AAP
      • NaMo’s roar with direct AAP centric speech at Goa yesterday, is the latest
  • AAP’s government is delivering, one at a time, each of the promises made – the 17 point charter being implemented, brick by brick. Quite a few actions have taken place in the short period of a fortnight…. The grudging acknowledgments follow….. both from Congress, BJP and other CMs…
    • Suddenly a few states have slashed power tariffs – Haryana, Maharashtra…
    • Free water of 666 litres per day….. Maharashtra – Shivsena taking credit..
    • The Read Beacons vanishing – Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, …
    • CM Housing not taken – Vasundhara Raje,
    • Corruption lines are buzzing, and team increased the heat with a few arrests already – Chattisgarh
    • Mohalla sabhas gaining the shape of what Gandhiji believed in ‘poorna swaraj’ by people

AAP has to be on the path, unwaiveringly, and get their act together with a lot of thought and disciplined execution. It will make sure every one move to the third stage of ’embracing and celebrating’.

This could turn out to be really a movement of ‘poorna swaraj’ cleansing the system to give honest governance; and every responsible Indian need to step out and make it happen!


‘Take this Rs 2,000/- and be quiet; thank god your girl is alive’

What excuse shall we give for a 5-year-old being raped? Was she dented and painted! Was she not wearing the right clothes? Was she roaming with the wrong guys at the wrong hour? Was she giving the wrong signals to the guy?

Not a single day passes without a rape or two in the news, and I am sure thousands go unreported! There are prying eyes every where! Half of humanity is always under constant fear?! What a loss of potential! What a loss!

All Eyes are on me! what do I do to save myself?

An infiltrator violating the borders of Mother India is shot at and incapacitated. We take great pride in doing so and the nation unites eulogizing the spirit of defending our Mother Nation. But we see every mother, sister and daughter being violated around us and are hardly bothered. Our police will find ways to intimidate the family. Our societal elders will banish them out of the community or even from this world. There are enough lawyers to prove the culprit to be juvenile. And our acclaimed lawyers and judges find ways and means to delay the hearings. It will be a decade or two, by which time the victim would have been through a million deaths all the while the culprit gets patronage under one influential group or the other!

What have we become? When did we stop being humans? Where does this stop?
Is this the India which we want to live in? Is this the India we want to leave for our children and grand children? Does mere amending the laws going to find solutions?

Where does it start?

At every home, for sure. We do not want to have a girl child. Even before the young one comes into this world, the mother is subjected to all sorts. There is a great disparity in the way a girl child is treated compared to a boy child – Food to amenities to school to opportunities, she is always against the wall and he is the lord. What sort of messages do we pass on to the boys and the girls as they grow? What attitudes do these boys carry of the fellow girl children as they grow?

The boys end up being drivers and cleaners, policemen and lawyers, doctors and engineers ….while most girls find their progression curtailed by their family; and if not, the boys around, feel their progression has to be curtailed! What a sad state of affairs that we sow and nurture…

We need to start at home. Respect and celebrate every girl child and woman at home… Unless every home does it, we will have perpetrators at every nook and corner. The road is pretty long…

While it will take a few generations for the change to happen, bottom up, we need to do a lot in every space. The common theme though will be of infusing sense of responsibility and belonging.

The indifferent one! If only they can be saviours, our plight will be very different!

First and foremost has to be political and electoral reforms. The election commission should make sure that criminalization of politics is eliminated at any cost. The constitution provides all authority for the election commission to do so.

Every political party should realize that their future lies in decriminalization. They would be better off selecting responsible candidates and also not interfere in any administration appointments and implementation once the directional decisions are taken.

The Administrative reforms are the next most important facet. There have been a few administrative officers in small pockets of the country who have changed the face of these places. We need every officer to make impact.

That cannot happen unless the government is as efficient. So political parties forming the government has to set their houses right. Each one of us as a citizen has the responsibility to cast the vote and select the right person.

The police has to be more conscious of its social responsibilities. Hence their training and orientation will have to change. They need to be deployed more for aam admi’s cause than that of the VIP duties!

We need to come out of “Chalta hai”, “Aisa hi hoga”, “Mera kya jara hai” attitude. Only then the aforesaid shifts can be implemented in right spirit. Each one of us has to be vigilant and feel responsible for everything happening around. Youth needs to play a pivotal role in making this happen. Unless we leave our personal, self-centric approach, we will not be able to bring the change. We need to evolve ourselves beyond the mundane.

It is a tough ask. Let us make it happen.


Demo(of bhai-baba-Anna)cracy

Demo(of bhai-baba-Anna)Cracy by Vasu..
Demo(of bhai-baba-Anna)Cracy, a photo by Vasu.. on Flickr.

I am really surprised at government doing calisthenics to the tunes of a Baba, and kowtowing to so called ‘Civil society’ movers. What on earth has made the government send four of their top cabinet ministers to the airport to receive a Baba, which not a single state-head of any country has thus been accorded.

Have the Central-Asian and African movements that have destabilized or brought down the governments, really sent this UPA government into panic? Do not we have belief in our democratic system, that has withstood the turmoils. We really need not worry about any individual, whether a Baba, Bhai or Anna. They may have a few followers who may wag their tails at the drop of the coin. We need to understand that the majority of the followers follow only for the purpose or philosophy they embraced and they will not swagger, if the guru deviates from the philosophy he or she espoused thus far. All this backward bending to appease, plants doubts among people that the government is not confident about the way it is going about governing.

If Manmohan and his able cabinet colleagues lack confidence in themselves, then better they put in their papers? If they really want to show that they mean business, then they need to act. Government should focus on its efficient and effective functioning. A government’s action has to be governed by a definitive plan and that plan should be made clear to the people. It should not come under any pressure from any quarters.

Governing a nation is not about showing five Asanas and giving a few upadeshas. Let the government be serious about what it intends to do and how, demonstrate that it means business, provide effective governance, and act to get rid of the ills affecting the society and the nation.

People will balance all ‘powers’ and give befitting reply. Let us believe in our Democracy. Let us provide good governance.

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