“Empowering to Excel”, Season 2 @ Dibrugarh University proves magical!

The powerful “Empowerment to Excellence” program takes its powerful strides in the second season at Dibrugarh university. The four-day intense, interactive programme enables every serious participant to transcend every barrier that one has created for oneself in our journey of life. The program has been liberating each one from the shackles and helping each to realize the infinite potential we all have. It facilitates each to believe in oneself, to dig deeper and discover, what more one can be.

This year we are initiating 1200+ students into their empowered, rejuvenated and joyful journey ahead.

Just listen to the students giving their feedback on what they have gained out of the program and experience their unshackling…..watch their confident presentation skills, even on those topics that they never even heard of, let alone study.

Since I had space constrains on my mobile to videograph the whole of two hours, I voice recorded the entire introspective session. Kindly find time to listen to the enthusiastic sharing. You will be surprised how they share about not just their own, but also how they invited their shy friends to come into public and openly share..

– The transformations they have seen in themselves and, their friends and classmates
– The cathartic experiences
– Commitment of participants for their own future and that of the group

Debrugarh University, Season 2, August 2017 – Empowerment to Excellence – Audio : Learnings, Realizations, Delight

The four day process is an engaging endeavaour to help each participant

– Explore oneself, Understand oneself well
– Make notes on strengths and areas of concern for improvement
– Realize the elements of personal effectiveness
– Understand the secrets of being an effective communicator
– Being a good participant in group discussions and activities
– Being an effective presenter and communicator
– Being a very good communicator even while writing
– How to invoke the leader in you, and take leadership
– Introspect, realize and set an agenda for personal growth


– Create a vision for oneself, for ones career and life
– Set Long term and Short term goals
– Commitment to ones own development and also development of the entire group

These sessions were facilitated by R. Sreenivasan, with Bhargav Deori and Dr. Sarvjeet Herald as co-facilitators.

Looking forward to the second half of season 2 scheduled for Sept 8-11 that will have participants from humanities, commerce and all non-science and technology faculties.

If you are reading this and are from Dibrugarh University, make sure you make the maximum out of Sept 8-11 schedule.


Empowerment to Excellence Program @ Dibrugarh University

The EMPOWERMENT TO EXCELLENCE Programme by CL Educate at Dibrugarh University has been a big learning experience for every active participant of the programme, including me in some sense. The impact in the four days has been no less than ‘transformational’, as most students shared. Of course, a 2-day outbound program preceding this would have been even more impactful and life-changing.
‘Empowerment to Excellence’ at Dibrugarh University was a four-day intense, interactive programme to initiate and facilitate every student of Engineering and Management faculty to –

  • Understand one-self
  • Create a vision for oneself, for one’s career and life
  • write a “Statement of Purpose” : Set Long term and Short term goals
  • Realize the elements of personal effectiveness, and plan to work on self
  • Understand the secrets of an effective communicator
  • Identify ones strengths and areas of concern for improvement
  • Be a good participant and contributor in group discussions and group activities
  • Be an effective presenter and communicator
  • Reflect, introspect and realize areas for action, from ones participation in the program
  • set an agenda and action plan for personal growth
  • Commitment to one’s own development and also development of the entire group

The program schedule, session plan and process were as per the agreed frame work. We adhered to the schedule given, to a great extent. The session plan for GD / Communication underwent a little change due to change in the number of participants.

My reflections at the end of the programme –

  1. “Awakening”: Managed to infuse energy and purposefulness among the participants
  2. Every participant has been shaken, active ones have woken up to his or her potential and the possibilities; they are charged to push themselves to give their best
  3. Many have started working on their “Statement of Purpose”; the dialogue is on regularly in the whatsapp groups
  4. The barriers between the departments have been broken; For the first time they got to know about the students from other departments as they worked in cross-functional teams in various sessions. By the end of the programme they gelled as if they all are one.
  5. The realization among the students that the campus has enough resources within to create productive interactions and activities to sharpen their skills; They have promised to engage themselves at least once a month
  6. The participants realized how they can effectively use the social media platforms to further their career goals; They shared about these as the sessions progressed

At the end of this program, and with my experience at IWSB and other universities, I am convinced that –

  1. “Empowerment to Excellence” programme should be preceded by an outbound program, where the participants have to challenge themselves in many situations, mostly physical or strategic in nature; that helps every student push boundaries and realize his or her immense capabilities.
  2. “Empowerment to Excellence” should be integral to every university programme, especially every university that we are facilitating. All our other programmes will be immensely effective if we take student through this programme.
  3. This program should be in the second year of the four-year undergraduate program (like BE/BTech) and in the first year of Post-grad programme; We should have this before the academic year commences. And must be a compulsory programme, as it is beyond imagination of any student, how it can really impact.

With such a series of initiatives, students will become very purposeful and it will become integral to every students thoughts and actions. This could make a huge difference to their journey in the university, with student working towards his/her goal, empowering oneself with all that he or she needs to excel in career and life.

Student’s Presentations, Reflections and Feedback

A. Kindly watch the videos of a few presentations and reflections of the participants at the end of the programme, uploaded on the youtube channel of CL Educate, under

Dibrugarh University : Empowerment to Excellence playlist –


Presentation sample – Most of them were presenting for the first time ever in front of a couple of hundred audience from across the departments of the University

Reflection of learning – Sample –

These set of videos also showcase the effectiveness and impact of the programme through

– The reflections of shifts made by the participants and

– Commitment of participants for their own future and that of the group

Delighted to see the feedback of students on SURVEYMONKEYt –

– Over 80% of the students have rated the conceptual sessions ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very good’

– Over 70% have rated the Drills / Group Activities / Presentations sessions ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very good’. We made sure that every one got a couple of drills, still that is not enough. More and more practice needed here. Unfortunately we had time constraint. I have asked the students to do their own drills. Shall continue to push them through Whatsapp.

– Over 90% have rated the facilitators ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very good’

Of course we can always be better than what we are. Hope we will continue on that path.

In another post, I shall share part of the PDF with detailed feedback that a few students shared. Their delight in their personal growth through the four days comes through these sharing.

10 important lessons re-visited after Narendra Modi’s unbelievable mistakes……

Pracharak Narendra Modi in his elements!

Pracharak Narendra Modi in his elements!

The never ending flight, either that of pracharak within India or that of finding self-redemption in the eyes of the external world, crash landed this afternoon and our much ‘beloved’ PM had to eat an humble pie. In the last couple of months, it looked like the invincible Narendra Modi, forgot most of the things that he mastered during the bhashans of development he professed during the Lok Sabha elections!  He surprisingly veered towards personal attacks and character assassinations, left the real leadership in lurch and foisted external leadership for short-term gains, demoralized the charged army…… I never expected such a series of ill-thought actions from the leadership of a Nation!!

The compelling verdict that the world witnessed in the last twenty four hours, of the Delhi elections, made me relive the last 18 months – from the run up to last Delhi elections, the coronation of @narendramodi, the Lok Sabha elections, the last nine months of Modi as PM of India, this Delhi elections and now the results.

I introspected at the intentions, the behaviour, the compulsions, the actions and the outcomes, and thought of the fundamental tenets that are integral to my own journey. I revisited those important lessons of life, that imbibed the values that are very dear to me. I have always been positive in my writings, but to give emphasis here, I am compelled to start every point with a double negativity… –

  1. I will NEVER belittle anyone!  Every human being is special and has unique strengths. I will continue to be a good observer, learner and incorporate every good behavour and practice in my journey. Being a good human being is of utmost importance.
  2. I will NEVER Spew Negativity! I will always talk positive, infuse energy, contribute to and facilitate each and every person around me. I will talk to the concerned person, directly and share my thoughts and feelings, rather than sharing with someone else.
  3. I will NEVER ill-brand anyone; issues or opinions may warrant confrontation! I will see only positivity in every human being! I will convert the positive energy in every individual to create a compelling force for growth and prosperity of communities and nation.
  4. I will NEVER lose sight of my vision! I will focus on developmental agenda to enable – myself, my family, my team, my community, my nation – to excel. Will create the agenda with active participation of every member thus involved.
  5. I will NEVER be short-sighted! I will be constructive on challenges that everyone around is facing and make sure that we all together work in overcoming them.
  6. I will NEVER disrespect beliefs of anyone! I will respect every faith and every community; we together will create a nation and a world of immense possibilities, immense value for generations to come.
  7. I will NEVER take short-cuts and foist leadership ! I will work towards identifying leadership potential from within the organization; support, empower and enable the concerned to realize that potential.
  8. I will NEVER demoralize my team! My endeavour will always be to empower the team, to keep the morale high to conquer the impossible!
  9. I will NEVER shut the door on opponents! I will always encourage and promote criticism; each and every critique is a pointer for me to introspect and become a better human being.
  10. I will NEVER be arrogant! I will remain humble, whatever I achieve. I will constantly strive to be better. I have so much more within me to realize – the potential is infinite.

Looking forward to an exciting journey ahead, of realizing that infinite potential within and that of the nation!

I thought of rewording my previous article to write this article, with Modi as the central character, just to see how does this title evoke response!

Jai Hind!

Microfinance and its Thandav

Off late I have been reading a lot about Micro-finance, the good it has been doing and the thandav (dance of distruction) too …. I read a couple of blogs and also reviews of ‘A fistful of Rice’… I just thought of sharing my experience with this phenomenon..

Yes, if the intention to set up a micro-finance institution is to empower the women and help them create small businesses for securing their families, it certainly serves the cause. Though the loans given may be as small as Rs. 5000/- ($100) or even Rs 2000/- ($40), the rates of 3% or 4% per month is too steep and high for the poor women to pay back, as it works to over 40%. How many of us, well to do, will ever take a loan at these rates? And that is what MFI business has turned to be all about – how much more loans to be given to the same parties, and what return it generates!

Let me share my first hand experience with a well known and most successful MFI in India. Now imagine, this MFI that managed to give loans to a huge number of women and create the fertile environment to give even more, thinks of getting involved in setting up schools in villages apparently for educating the children of the women they have given loans to. At first I thought it is a great way of helping the underprivileged and empowering the women further.

As the schools started blossoming slowly, and further interactions with this MFI started happening, my feeling of ‘Dal mein kala’ (covert intention) started growing. I got to realize that the only reason that the MFI got involved in setting up schools is to give further loans to women for educating their children, there by the women will keep paying back for ever, at these rates of 40%+. And all interactions that the MFI ‘handlers’ engaged the educationists in were about keeping the children in the school at any cost (even at the cost of not creating and facilitating real good education environment) so that the children are not withdrawn from schools and their loan giving exercises do not diminish. They were least bothered about helping the children enjoy learning!

As months progressed, the MFI, in spite of making huge profits in their business, did not have the patience and perseverance to make the schools excel. They withdrew from the project, leaving everyone in lurch. Thanks to the other party, educationists, who continued to march ahead with schools though with financial struggles, as their real intention was to help the children in the rural India unlike the MFI!!

I always wondered where would this attitude of MFIs lead to. It is very sad that we had to witness many a woman ending their lives for not being able to pay the loans off.

I sincerely hope that the regulatory authorities take steps in such a way that genuine MFIs are not impacted adversely but at the same time the devious ones are taken care of.

I wish that all educationists and genuine developmental facilitators who are really keen in helping the rural India progress, succeed in realizing their ‘Dream India’

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