SreeniOnRoad features, Incredible India!’s awe-inspiring Ellora caves (700 AD)

Awe inspiring and Jaw dropping, simply said! Every visit to these magnificent monolith caves inspires me and goads me to dwell much deeper within! What a human being can make if only one believes in his ideas and pursues it with all his vigour.

  • How was it possible to create such a large cluster of cave architectural marvels in 700AD?
  • How was it conceived? How the thought of chiseling from the top to the bottom must have occurred?
  • How could they imagine creating a cave hall measuring 55m X 36m?

I shot a few short clips with my ipad and did a simple edit and uploaded it on Youtube with an intention of including in this article. Then I realized that there are many beautiful videos already on youtube, in a few of which it has been assumed that such a creation 2000-1500 years ago is not humanely possible and it has to be only a creation of aliens. I have included a few videos in the end!

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A Photostory : Architectural Masterpieces of INDIA on SREENIViews

With a recorded history of over 30000 years, and first urban settlements recorded over 4500years ago, India has been and will continue to be a marvel to humanity.

I have just collated a few of the masterpieces that have been created in the last 3000 years, that I have clicked during my extensive travels across the length and breadth of the country.

Incredible India - Marvelous Madurai

The Marvelous 1000 pillar temple in the 3000 year old Madurai Meenakshi temple complex!

Check out the Photostory of Masterpieces that covers 20 such architectural marvels of India..

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