Flash Mob Phenomenon – Interestingly engaging and enlivening surprising places

I always enjoyed dancing and usually jig into an impromptu one with our daughter, Mallika, to her embarrassment some times in a busy square, auditorium or school. Music and dance can create an amazing environment that can enliven any soul. Interesting to see the chemistry within human beings change in a few seconds!

As I was doing a little bit of youtubing to figure out where and how FLASH MOB phenomenon originated, I stumbled across quite a few interesting applications. This has been a few year old phenomenon. Many times, Indian music scores were the instigators or perpetrators! I just thought of sharing.

Of course, the 26/11 soothing the city event at the Mumbai CST was covered very widely in India –

World-wide the applications of this has been immense.

Very interesting to see, introduction to anthropology classes by the professor starts with a planned choreography taking 500 students by surprise, in a University of Australia.  I thought, my kind of facilitator here. I dare more faculty to do so.

Excited to watch an interlude by students in a social studies class in the US. Thanks to the spirit of the faculty, it went of so well. Can we all as facilitators take such a welcome interludes!

The faculty and staff of this university go a step further to surprise students and parents during a Basketball game

A great way to sensitize the diversity of students on the campus of Oregon state univ by faculty and staff –

And it goes to the extent of holding the city centre for a spectacle at a traffic signal in TORONTO – Mojja hi Mojja

Perhaps one of the earliest and very interesting one at Antwerp Railway station – Do Re mei

I am sure you will find many many more. Happy dancing!!

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