Everything Happens For The Good – From the world of Akbar and Birbal

When I was going through the email that Rakesh, a friend, sent across, I thought of blogging it.

In every motivational session of mine – Dream It Do It! – I keep saying ‘Look ahead, leap ahead; Do not live in the past”. Most of us want to run ahead, but live in the past. We are full of all those negative thoughts that prevented us from achieving our goals. How can you run ahead, looking behind! Have you learnt the lessons from those incidents to be better in the future? We can change the future, and not the past.

Let us give our best, without compromising on the effort; Whatever happens, it happens for the good..


“I have heard this statement couple of months ago. This statement got struck in my head. I started to think about it a lot. I analyse every situation to see whether this statement holds some truth. I found mixed answers when I analyse all my past and current situations. But as time goes by, I realise that yes, this statement is correct. My senior colleague Mr. Sunil Tiku made ​​me understand the worth of this statement via the world famous Akbar Birbal story.” – Rakesh

Whatever happens, Happens for good

Whatever happens, Happens for good

Here is a ‘story’ from the times of Emperor “Akbar” who had a wise Advisor “Birbal”. Birbal followed Akbar everywhere, and his favorite advice was, “Everything happens for the good”.

One day Akbar went hunting and had a little accident. He shot an arrow at his own foot and was injured. He asked Birbal what he thought about the accident, to which Birbal replied, “Everything happens for the good”. This time Akbar was really upset and ordered for Birbal to be put in a well. Akbar asked Birbal, “Now, what do you think?” The Birbal again replied, “Everything happens for the good”. So Birbal remained in prison.

The emperor Akbar went on a hunting trip yet again, this time without Birbal. Akbar was captured by the Tribes, who decided to offer him as a sacrifice to “Goddess Kali”. Just before chopping his head off, one of them saw the wound on the Akbar’s foot and decided to throw him back into the jungle, as per their customs they cannot offer an imperfect body to Goddess Kali as “Bali”.

Akbar realized Birbal’s words and repented for leaving him in the well and went back to get him. When Akbar explains what happened and apologizes to Birbal for his act, Birbal says “Jahapana, good that you left me, else they would have killed and offered me to kali instead of you”.

Success Principles

It is true that everything in life happens for a purpose, and always for our own good. If you think about it, all our past experiences actually happened to bring us to where we are today, and it is always for the good. All the past experiences make us a better person. So, whatever challenges that we may face today, consider it happening to bring us to the next level.

“When you go through a hard period,
When everything seems to oppose you,
When you feel you cant bear even one minute,
Fight the urge to give up
Have faith in self and keep forging
You are about to turn the corner,
Your course is about to change the plane,
New summit is within your reach….keep going!”

Believe in Self, the world will be at your feet – Swami Vivekananda
Karmanye-vadhikaraste Maa phaleshu kadachana – Bhagavadgita

Do not think about the results, just give your best! Wishing you the very best for all your endeavours. Go and hoist your flag!


I, me, my, mine …. belonging and possessing : on SREENIViews

My and Mine are so powerful expressions of self – emotional bonding, belonging and possessing …. For me, the dimensions are endless as human being is all about this powerful emotion! Every moment, every thought, every action is more or less motivated by this emotion. I am compelled to explore these endless dimensions, that cover a full life cycle…

Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo


My little sibling, waiting for you
My little sibling, waiting for you.

I have painted my canvas with the emotions of belonging and possessing and I am sure you would love to add your colors too at after exploring the canvas on SREENIViews,

. Kindly leave your precious comments and feedback.

SPIC MACAY National Convention @ NITK Surathkal – Postings on ‘Intensives’ and ‘Action around’

Dancer Arushi Mudgal giving the final touches and soothing nerves
Dancer Arushi Mudgal giving the final touches and soothing nerves

Here is the detailed posting on the intensives and their presentations…SREENI on SPIC MACAY intensives



The seven days of convention demands a lot out of each of the participant, and for a few it is 24 X 7. While the schedule starts early morning at 4am and ends at 11pm, life around each of these convention is very enabling to a young body and mind. All the action to facilitate the execution of the programmes smoothely has been captured by SREENI

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Thanks to all the volunteers for helping me capture the precious moments.


Day 5 : SPIC MACAY – 27th National Convention, 2012 @ NITK Surathkal, Karnataka

The Guru Shishya duo at its best - Madhavi and Arushi Mudgals
The Guru Shishya duo at its best – Madhavi and Arushi Mudgals

As the day 6 is the D-day for the presentation of the intensives, momentum gathered in all the 29 intensives, practicing and polishing was the norm of the day. On the crafts front, they were heading to creating at least a couple of pieces each to show off on the stage. It was also interesting to see about a dozen youth from Pakistan joining along with their professors from Beacon university for arts, and enjoying dancing in kathakali, bharatanatyam, singing carnatic classical music etc.

It was interesting and coincidental to have the day full of DUOs – Looked like the TWOgether day at the 27th convention :

a. Qawwali by Warshi brothers (Nazeer & Naseer Ahmed Khan Warsi)
b. Odissi by Guru Sishys Duo – Mudgals – Madhavi and Arushi
c. Carnatic Violin by Express Mysore brothers – Shri Mysore Nagaraj and Dr. Manjunath

kindly visit the SPIC MACAY NATCON daily reports on SPIC MACAY Natcon Stage

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Next posting tomorrow… Love. Sreeni

Photo story series : Ma..Amma..Mutter…Moeder…Majka…Madre…Mom…Mother…

No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star.
~Edwin Hubbell Chapin


The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh


The pleasure of being a mother, holding the young one, Indira and Svwara
The pleasure of being a mother, holding the young one, Indira and Svwara


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On my Photoblog – “Everyone has a story….” : A Visual Poetry!

Every human being is excited about sharing a story gathered or an episode that he or she has been part of.

The journey of humankind in itself is a fascinating one and what would it be like to have a story from each of the six billion :With such a diversity –  roots of origin, culture, language – and the folklore that gets passed on, apart from the events each one is part of! What a documentation it will be.

All those places that I have been part of since childhood, have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. The visual captures over years of the same place does not have any trace of the past. With this oral story telling tradition, a lot of emotions gets retained in the human folklore.

Darjeeling station, India
Darjeeling station, India


If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.

Click the photoblog link of mine for the complete visual story. It is just one of the documentations, visual, of my internal journey as I discover the beautiful world outside. I am sure you would love it.

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Mallikamaginations – To Topsi Turvi

Getting to Topsi Turvi

Getting to Topsi Turvi

I Know of a town far away,
Topsi Turvi is its name,
Do you know about it? It is a shame.
To get to it, go 10 roads by BOAT,
Three oceans by CAR,
and there you are.

This purely is an inspired work from the readings of Roald Dahl. Many more around, and I shall endeavour to document them. For more of Mallika’s works, kindly visit her website Mallika’s

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