On the Himalayan Trail, over Mt. Everest and more



Are #Educational #institutions ready for Industry 4.0. ?

It was a pleasure #addressing, #interacting and #learning with a presence of over 25 educational #leaders, mostly #Chancellors, #Vicechancellors, #Directors of #universities from #India and also #Tech #evangelists from around the #world

The discussions were around #tech enablement and facilitation of educational institutions including #faculty and #students.

#AI #ML #Drone #3Dprinting #IOT #Blockchain #VR #AR #storytelling #DeepLearning #NLP #Alexa #Markteching


One of the exciting things around the conference was the Himalayan trail by flight. We all assembled at 5am to head to the Tribhuvan airport to board the flight. All the edu leaders sounded like school children, excited to see the himalayas from a different perspective, flying over it.

The domestic wing of the Tribhuvan airport was like a market place, crowded, people huddled, interacting, shouting. Only difference was the market is of taking flights.

Thankfully the sun emerged to the utter relief of everyone. The morning sky was more or less clear. Many were circusmpect, as cloudy days are not great for the Himalayan trail.

Finally huddled into the bus, and the tarmac was littered with smaller aircrafts, max 40 seaters. Buddha air, Tara air…entire pantheon of Buddhism could be found on the tarmac, as flight operators. It took some waiting on the tarmac, before we boarded the flight. I managed to capture a few minutes with my mobile cam and here are the clips.

On boarding, every one tried to grab the window seat on either side. I got into the aircraft last, as filming took priority and I was grabbing the visuals on the tarmac littered with these small aircrafts. Thankfully the first seat was empty and I grabbed it. Carrying three cams, Nikon 700, Yashika 4K and Samsung Mobile, I was keen to be at the pole position as anyone there, wondering which side of the flight will be the Himalayan ranges. Once the flight took off, the excitement in the aircraft, with over 25, fifty-year-old youngsters was palpable each trying to peep through those peepholes trying identify which peak is which on the himalayan Map dished out by the airhostesses. The young ladies were kind enough to help each identify, going from one bunch to the other.

Midlfight we were even allowed to get into the cockpit to have a glimpse at the the pilot view of the ranges. The flight started from the western range in the Nepali Himalayas and moved till the east where Sagarmatha, as is everest called, and the flight took a steep u-turn now going over the ranges, half way on the flight. Mt. Makalu, Mt. Everest, Shiva Parvati,….. every one was excited to identify their own peaks and debating which one is the correct one. Mobiles flashing, selfies taken through the flight windows.

In an hours time, as we moved away from the ranges, on our descent, the youngsters settled down on their seats to have a chat with thy neighbours on the magnificent range and the peaks and what a view it was through those tiny peep holes of the dornier!

Back on ground, into the bus, chatting away about the sessions that is ahead of us that afternoon.

It was a memorable trip to Himalayas, once in a life time. Now that I have seen all the peaks, I should head to the tallest one, Mt. Everest, on foot, soon 😉


Iconic institutions and movements come alive at SPANDAN 2016!

If you are interested in performing arts, especially dance, and if you have not been to the exhibition currently underway in the open spaces of IHC, Lodhi Road, then you are missing something! You cannot afford to give this exhibition a go by. It inspires even the uninitiated.

SPANDAN Festival of Performing Arts 2016 brings yet again an eclectic collection of fabulous captures of Indian classical dance forms, but with a difference. The theme of this year’s exhibition is, “Tribute to Iconic Institutions, Movements and Legendary Gurus”. You get a peek into the journey of the iconic institutions and the life within. Many photographs have been displayed publicly for the first time ever in the history of these institutions.

Exhibition @ SPANDAN festival of performing arts 2016 - Nartanam special issues released

R. Sreenivasan, the creator of the festival, which is into its fourth edition, too is one of a kind. How many technologists and alumnus of IIM and that too, a well known entrepreneur, do you come across excelling in the world of arts? Sreeni, a co-founder of CL Educate, while being busy in the corporate board rooms as well as traveling around the country motivating the youth in the universities, feeds his soul in the spaces of performing arts in the evenings. He is an accomplished photographer of dance apart from being a dancer, painter and designer.

For this year’s edition of Spandan, Sreeni digs deep into the archives of the Iconic institutions and photographers to bolster his own exclusive captures. The institutions covered are –

a. Kathak Kendra for Kathak (Thanks to Sangeet Natak Akademi)
b. Kalamandalam for Mohiniattam,Kathakali,Koodiyattam (Thanks to KK Gopalakrishnan)
c. Kalakshertra for Bharatanatyam (Thanks to Kalkshetra Archives)
d. Gotipua gurukuls and Srjan for Odissi (Thanks to Sunny Lamba and Srjan)
e. Kuchipudi Village for Kuchipudi (Thanks to Nartanam and Madhavi Puranam)
f. Sattras of Majuli for Sattriya (Thanks to Avinash Pasricha ji and Sunny Lamba)
g. JN Manipur Dance Academy (Thanks to SNA and JNMDA)

Exhibition @ SPANDAN festival of performing arts 2016 - Nartanam special issues released

Every institution comes alive in the exhibition, with a vibrancy that these photographs have managed to capture. It is a treat to the soul.

Also the exhibition pays tribute to the movement of SPICMACAY for its yeoman service with panels of nation’s stalwarts of Music, Dance, Theatre, Puppetry, Folk etc and the volunteers who contribute to keep the flame of culture alive. The frames portray the spirit of facilitating the children to discover the mysticism embedded within every art form.

“SPANDAN venerates the human spirit, stoking pursuits to unravel the infinite potential within.”

As tribute to Legends, special issues Nartanam on Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, Dr. Padma Subrahmaniam and Sri Avinash Pasricha will be released on May 2nd, 7 pm at Amaltas Hall, India Habitat Centre, by Prof. Lokesh Chandra, scholar and President ICCR. Noted danseuse Rama Vaidyanathan with her Bharatanatyam pays tributes to the legends.

The festival culminates with an evening of World Dance on May 26th in Stein Auditorium. While the exhibition is all about celebrating the icons and legends, the dance evening is about celebrating the future. The evening will feature brilliant young Odissi danseuse Arushi Mudgal, promising young male Bharatanatyam dancer Suhail Bhan, a talented Manipuri duo and a mélange of modern world dance forms all performed by young upcoming dancers.

The exhibition is on till May 10th. You can catch up with Sreeni at the venue.

SPANDAN 2015, the festival of infinity, recordings of the live show on Rainbow FM – 102.6

SPANDAN 2015 got a surprise call from Rainbow FM, to cover the photography exhibition as part of their program – ROAD SHOW. I was delighted to invite RJ Rajesh to the exhibition.

We all were thinking of how would the live program be? I have been part of a few call in programs on various FM Channels, sitting behind the large tech consoles that enables an RJ to manage the whole show, taking the calls, responding to it with the panelist and selecting the songs to play etc.

In this case, Rajesh landed just a couple of minutes before the start and made us wonder whether, at all we are going to have the show. In no time, realized that the RJ at the studio will call on his mobile to do the entire Road Show.

While I took out my mobile to record while the interviews are on, I asked my ‘rath sarathi’, Vishal to take my dictaphone and sit in the car, tune in Rainbow FM and record. Meanwhile Inni flashed his DSLR and recorded the interviews. Here are the versions…

Dictaphone version of the show as heard on the radio…

Podcast Hosting – Listen Audio Files – SPANDAN 2015 on Rainbow FM R…

The Video of the segments of interactions that we recorded on INNI’s DLSR. The order of recordings are, Sreeni, Inni Singh and Prasad Siddhanthi

In the end, I got more ideas about being ready for the next show!

Ms Manjari Sinha ji’s article in statesman mentions SPANDAN, world dance photography exhibition

Humble thanks to Manjari ji for sharing with the world about SPANDAN world dance photography exhibition at IHC

Ms Manjari Sinha's World Dance Day article in Statesman's

Ms Manjari Sinha's World Dance Day article in Statesman's

statesman epaper mention

statesman website mention
More in the offing…..

SPANDAN 2015 gets underway at India Habitat Centre inspiring scores ! first cut here…

The annual festival of infinity, SPANDAN, inspiring and igniting the urge to realize the infinite potential within gets underway at India Habitat Centre… I am giving the first cut here.. will soon write a full story.

The Spandan story in TOI today
Spandan 2015 in TOI

On youtube short clip before inaugural

Longer Clip shot at night on the first full day of the show

Come, visit the exhibition in all its grandeur and leave your footprint and feedback too.

Love and wishes


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