SPANDAN’s second edition from April 25th-May 5th – Sreeni humbly invites each one of you…


Dear Gurus and Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite each one of you to SPANDAN 2014, celebrating the SPirit of DANce, paying our humble tributes to the SPAN of world DANce!

Starting on 25th of April 2014, the dance photography exhibition in the open spaces of IHC will go on for ten days and culminates with the Festival evening that celebrates the SPIRIT OF WORLD DANCE on May 5th, with a bouquet of performances SPANNING THE WORLD DANCE FORMS.


SPANDAN 2014 – World Dance photography Exhibition : April 25-May 05, 2014

We are immensely privileged to have the participation of the following brilliant photographers who are contributing immensely to the cause of WORLD DANCE FORMS. I humbly thank each one of them… (if any names missed, I apologize. Kindly draw my attention. Thanks)

– Abhijith Madhukar
– Avinash Pasricha
– Edina
– Giridhar Chandrasekhar
– Hareesh Melayil
– Hareesh Namboothri
– Inni Singh
– Jerome Calyster
– Jeyakumar Sathyamoorthy
– Karthik Siva
– Keerthi Amit
– KP Sreehari
– Mamta Diman
– Mohit Abrol
– Navneet Kaur Ahuja
– Prasad Siddhanthi
– Rajyasree Ghosh Tinni
– Ramesh Lalvani
– Rijil KS
– Ruben Lozano Garcia
– R. Sreenivasan
– Rumeli Datta Mazumdar Dawn
– Sanjay Yadav
– Shankar Bhattacharyya
– Suchit Nanda
– Sugeeth Krishna
– Sunny Lamba
– Vinu Nair
– Vj Renju

SPANDAN 2014 – World Dance Evening : May 05, 2014. 7:00pm

We are delighted to have the following INSPIRING ARTISTS and TALENTS, enriching the WORLD DANCE Constellation with their MESMERIZING PERFORMANCES

– Kathak : Astha Dixit, the performance dedicated to Sufism
– Sattriya: Anwesa Mahanta
– Bharatanatyam: Emerging Dancers, Natya Vriksha; Disciples of Guru Geeta Chandran

awaiting their final world –

– Chhau : a spirited performance encompassing the three forms of Chhau
– WORLD Dance : Latino/Spanish forms
– World FOLK Dance : European
– WORLD Dance : a confluence of Middle-eastern, Latin and American free dance forms

LAST Year over 7000 visitors graced the exhibition and the dance evening ran a packed overflowing house at STEIN Auditoium, IHC.

Kindly check the YOUTUBE link for SPANDAN 2013 edition –

Kindly check the FLICKR collection for all dimensions of the festival –

LOOKING FORWARD to seeing you all at the exhibition and the dance evening.


——————–For the benefit all those participating or keen, I have the left the ‘invitation note”, here under ——



In the last edition of 2013 of SPANDAN, I initiated with my own photographs for want of time; In this years edition I wish to have the best from around the world, through what people call CLOUND SOURCING !
Last year we had 16 panels, each devoted to a dance form –

– Eight Classical forms as noted by SNA –
– Bharatanatyam,
– Kathak,
– Odissi,
– Kathakali,
– Mohiniyattam,
– Kuchipudi,
– Manipuri,
– Sattriya
– A panel on Martial art/FOLK dance forms of immense energy : Chhau, Bhangra, Garba,…
– A contemporary Dance Panel- A Panel of captures in the open spaces
– JOURNEY OF Infinity – portraying the immense years of dedicated effort in excelling in the world space

– FAR eastern panel with Korean, Japan and Chinese forms
– BALLET from Russian and European geography
– FREE Dance from around the World and India
– LATIN / SPANISH Dance forms

I humbly invite all DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY ENTHUSIASTS to submit their TWO best photographs from their captures. Let it span the dance forms from around the world.


SPANDAN may travel to Chennai in JUNE for SPICMACAY International convention at IIT CHENNAI, and possibly to LONDON for festival of Indian DANCE and MUSIC in JULY.


a. UPLOAD your best two in the group DANCE PHOTOGRPHY (on FB), the RAW Format of the capture should be there with you for later purpose if selected (needed for printing large versions). Kindly give details of the capture
– Dancer
– Dance Form
– Festival, where it has been captured, with dates

b. clearly LABEL the posting as FOR SPANDAN 2014. PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2. If at all you have to write your name/signature on the photo, let it be very discreet on a margin

c. LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION is March 28, 2014 11:59 pm


d. THE DECISION OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE comprising eminent Dance photographers, critiques and dancers IS FINAL

e. IF Selected, will be asked to send the RAW FORMAT of the same by email.

f. THE SELECTED works will become part of a classified panel and credits will be given. This is my effort in showcasing the brilliance in the dance photography space and the contribution each one is making for furthering the cause of the dance forms.


I WISH TO MAKE THIS FESTIVAL, A FESTIVAL OF EVERY DANCE LOVER. I am investing immensely from my own pocket to showcase, hence WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY anything for your contribution, apart from making your work known to connoisseurs and lovers of dance. (last year over 7000 people visited the exhibition)


I ADMIT that I MAY RECOUP the cost incurred for the exhibition displays – printing, framing, logistics of taking the exhibition around – by selling the works proactively this time. SOLD or UNSOLD, I shall intimate you.

IF any works remain unsold, and you want your work back at the end of the exhibitions, then the costs incurred, (calculated by the size and kind of prints/transportation/logistics etc) will have to be paid! It will go into a corpus for future, and encourages me to keep going on this path of promoting brilliance. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY SPIRIT and intention. I AM SURE YOU WILL HELP ME



Cambridge university press features Sreeni’s photo on the cover of the book – “Devotion and Dissent in Indian History”

The elderly gentleman sitting by the side of Ganges, staring into the deep horizon in front of him has been used by the Cambridge university press for the book – Devotion and Dissent in Indian History by prof Vijaya Ramaswamy

The photo I captured in Varanasi, features on the cover

Delighted to see Cambridge university press using my photo for the cover of one of their latest publications – Devotions and Dissent in Indian History by Prof Vijaya Ramaswamy

Magazine STORM, singapore : Sreeni’s curates the photostory on Odisha

Sreeni curates photos for the photostory on Orissa as the investment destination in the STORM magazine of Singapore.

Along with Sreeni’s, Debasis Sarangi’s two photos also form part of the story.

B K Patnaik,former chief secretary of Odisha talks to storm for this story.

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

Magazine STORM, singapore : My photos in photostory on Odisha

You can check the ‘Incredible India! Odisha’ set from where the photos of this story have been selected, yet another set on flickr

click to open the STORM MAG in a new window

Forshadow : A photo story for excellence ! on SREENIViews

Foreshadow means ‘an indication of a future thing to happen’; What forebodes excellence? The diligence with which every artist prepares for the performance, days before and also at the backstage, foreshadows the brilliance on the stage.

SPIC MACAY International Convention IIMC - Day 1
Guru Birju Maharaj (75), Kathak Maestro, getting ready for his performance

For the complete inspirational photo-story do not miss Foreshadow on SREENIViews People, Places and Stories

Leave your comments and feedback.

Thanks and regards

Photostory : Magic of the Golder Hour – India Unravelled, on my photoblog SREENIVIEWS

On my regular travels the morning Golden Hour is the time when I am usually on my walks with my camera. Since it is the only time I get for myself, these introspective perambulations have not only shaped my strategies for life, but also yielded me a great number of opportunities to capture the busy life at the tranquil hour.

Here are a sampler of my captures. I just picked one or two from each of the locations to showcase the length and breadth of India and its rich ritual practices and flurry of activities that are connected to the auspices and precious Golden Hour!

I start with the

– Spiritual Varanasi, then go to
– Khajuraho to its east, to celebrate the human spirit
– head to far east Kaziranga wild life sanctuary,
– then come down to Kolkata,
– and to Puri on the eastern coast of India,
– down to Pondicherry,
– then head to Silent Valley in Kerala.
– traversing towards northern direction to Mangalore,
– then to frolicking Goa,
– Financial hub of Mumbai
– then into the desert land of Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and
– The national capital of India, Delhi
– finally heading to the crown of India – Kashmir and Ladakh.

Happy browsing… Would love to see your comments..

Incredible India! - Varanasi : Finding peace withinVaranasi : Finding peace within

Kindly visit
my photo-blog SREENIViews for the stunning Magic of the Golden Hour, covering the length and breadth of India.

SPANDAN centre-spreads in IIMB Alumnii Summer 2013 issue

I was delighted to receive the mail from IIM Bangalore, my alma mater notifying about the latest issue, the summer 2013 one of Alumni Magazine, which also happens to be the 10th summer issue of the Mag. This issue has a special feature called ART WALK that exclusive covers a few of my photographs from SPANDAN dance photography exhibition which was part of the SPANDAN dance festival celebrating the human spirit that I had at IHC, Delhi in April-May 2013 to coincide with the world dance week, and at IIM Calcutta during the SPIC MACAY international convention in May 2013

I am reproducing the editorial mail and the links to the issue; Also the cover and SPANDAN centre-spreads from the issue here.

SPANDAN centre spread in the IIMBAa summer 2013 issue – page 1

SPANDAN centre spread in the IIMBAa summer 2013 issue – page 2

SPANDAN centre spread in the IIMBAa summer 2013 issue – page 3

You can very well click on the links below, in the text, to browse the whole issue of the magazine online or even download the PDF format to see on your laptop.

Dear All,

We are ten! We planned, we stumbled, we fell, we executed, we soared. We managed to achieve ten editions, covering a range of topics from humanitarian work to gaps in healthcare services, from women empowerment to entrepreneurship. And we couldn’t have done this without your patronage and support.

A big thank you to all of you!

Presenting the Summer Edition of IIMB Alumni Magazine

The IIMB Alumni magazine issue of Summer 2013, that carries SPANDAN centre spreads

Read the Magazine as a Flip Book

Download the PDF version

In this edition we shift our focus to another world that we have started to inhabit: the virtual world. Would it be wrong to say that we oscillate between two world, the real and virtual? We buy clothes online, plan holidays online and even buy groceries online! Our lives are slowly becoming entwined with the wires of our laptop charger. Ecommerce has become an important if not an integral part of lives. And according to statistics, the day is not far when it will become an integral part too. In this edition five alumni speak about their experiences, their visions, plans, investments and heartburn in e commerce. Also, two of our Professors give their advice on how to tame ecommerce.

Also in the Magazine:

This January we had a panel discussion – ‘How to write your first book’ – that captured the imagination of many. It is arguably the most attended alumni event at IIMB. If you are someone who’s hands are itching to write and you missed to attend – the Magazine brings you a digest.

R Sreenivasan PGP 96 takes you on an art walk through his photo feature Spandan. Spandan is a celebration of human spirit in the form of Dance.

It has been happy and exciting few months for our alumni! Couple of our former alumni secretaries got married and some alumni have been visited by the stork.

Enjoy reading and let us know your thoughts on the Magazine. Your responses mean a lot to us.

Write to: or

IIMB Alumni Association
Bangalore -560076
Ph +91 80 26993463

IIMB Alumni Website
IIMB Virtual Tour. Click here
IIMB online Merchandise

SPANDAN : curtain raiser on Rajya Sabha TV and Complete recordings

The Curtain Raiser of SPANDAN introducing the three dancers – Nikolina, Carolina and Nitisha Nanda appeared on Rajya Sabha TV. The complete program is scheduled to come any time in the near future.

If you wish to watch, here they are, as captured by my film team –

Nikolina’s Bharatanatyam – Bho Shambho

Carolina’s Chau – Nataraja

Nitisha’s Odissi – Jayadeva’s Shiva Stuthi

Quincy Kendll Charles’ Kathak – Taal Damaar

Paola Santa Cruz’s Flamenco

Nikolina’s Ballet

Carolina’s Columbian Cumbria dance

Nitisha’s Egyptian Classical Belly dance

The first segment of the SPANDAN world dance evening had an interactive session with Eminent photographer Shri Avinash Pasricha anchored by Mrs Leela Venkataraman, eminent dance critic and Mrs Geeta Chandran, celebrated Bharatanatyam dancer.

I loved conceiving this unique festival and bringing it to you. Looking forward to bettering it every year. Kindly leave your feedback so as to help me.

Love and regards.

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