On AIR’s National Programme of Talks – Coping with Examinations

I had recorded for a program on #AIR, All India Radio/#Akashvani which was broadcast on the #National Program of Talks on 10th April at 9:30pm. – #Examinations and #stress among #children; How to alleviate? – What #schools, #educators can do? – #Mentalhealth, how to acknowledge and take #care! – Are examinations must, what other ways to #evaluate a #child? – #competition, good or bad – when to introduce competition – How to #enable #children to face life – #career choices – #realizing #potential
#education #society #expectations #socialpressures #parentaladvisory #dream #job #livlihood #facilitation …… The show was moderated by Sri Suchinto Chatterjee, a lawyer and radio fanatic, the co-panelits we’re Dr Meena Gupta, wellness counsellor and Therapist, Mrs Neelam Kumar, principal of a leading public school. Sri Naveen Gupta, is the Producer of NATIONAL PROGRAM OF TALKS and Apoorva Jha coordinated from AIR for the program.


Kindly click on the following link to listen to the entire show


Ownership, Purpose, Passion, Responsibility, Perseverance, Excellence…

#Purpose, #Passion, #persevere
#Excellence #success #career #life

Watch the one min video….so much to learn !!
Love to hear your comments. Also kindly share.

#Fascinating #journeys!
#Pushing #boundaries!
#Celebrating #lives!

I was walking briskly with my #camera, with an intention to #photograph #Kite-making, in the short half an hour time I had. This young man, a #logistics-auto plier, tapped me as I was passing by his auto and asked, “#Reporter?”, “Write for #Magazine?”. I said I do write, for my websites and blogs, at times columns in newspapers. His #enthusiasm was so #infectious, I paused to talk to him….. As he started, realized this #interaction will be so invaluable for #youth who give a million reasons for their inability to perform. Hence recorded….

listen to him…..

Since I was in Ahmedabad, I had acceded to requests from Baroda and Ahmedabad offices of CL Educate to take PDP workshops. These we’re eight hour sessions, covering..

A. Understanding self
B. Personal Victory
C. Public Victory
D. Creating a vision for self
E. Building Profile
Leading to excellence in life

At the end of the sessions, quite a few participants started asking questions on how they keep their enthusiasm for long, overcome their language challenge etc…

I just showed them this video that I had just captured… Each one was overawed.

#Ownership is the key. Do you own yourself?

Dargah Nizamuddin : A soulful journey within!

As part of my journey of life, I endeavor to contribute to movements and organizations in the spaces of education and culture, which are close to my heart, due to the impact they can leave on the values and character of an individual. One such organization that I mentor, facilitate and contribute to is ITIHAAS. ITIHAAS works with school going children predominantly taking them through heritage walks that awaken the sense of social responsibility in them. It helps children in understanding their current context with a perspective of past and future.

Recently a large delegation of about 50+ historians and curators from the museums of the US were visiting India and ITIHAAS was chosen to take this delegation on a heritage walk to help them understand the secular fabric of our nation. ITIHAAS took them to Nizamuddin Dargah, final resting place of Sufi saint Kwaza Nizamuddin Aulia, which is a place of worship that attracts followers of all faiths. Though India as a nation allows individuals to follow their own faith and also respect other faiths, not many would venture to step into the wsrohipping places of other faiths. This walk of historians from the US generated curiosity in me and I decided to join them on the walk.

I managed to capture elements from that walk, and stitched a short delightful video. Here is one for you.

You would have noticed a delegation of 175 brethren from our neighboring Pakistan in the Dargah premises, actively interacting, singing and dancing. It was heart-warming to meet them and interact with them. Hope both nations will throw open their borders for free flow of each other’s citizens.

The US delegation was in awe of the place and the walk. India with a written history that dates back to over 10000 years, for sure, can wow a nation that is just a 400 years old!

I was glad that I made it to the walk.

AAP Govt and Kejri’s first month in office – Magical transformations across the country

It is amazing what is happening on the ground, what people are experiencing ! This is the classic case of what leadership can really do….

Kejri @ hospital ward inauguration by Vijay baba, a rickshawalaPolitical parties and the ‘PM’ contenders may be throwing a lot of garbage at AAP and Kejri, the anarchic CM as they say, but on the ground the transformation is unparalleled… And these transformations are not limited to Delhi alone, the impact is being experienced across the country, on the ground, not to talk of governments of various states revising downwards the electricity rates, unprecedented in India…

As a common man and a citizen of this country, I am sharing my own experiences and interactions with fellow men and women who have been in my journey of life , about the transformations that they have experienced in the last one month of the AAP and Kejri’s government.

A. Water Works

Indira, my wife, shared the very day, Dec 08, when the results of Delhi Assembly elections are coming out; “What has happened to the Delhi Jal Board; the phone that was never picked all these years, is responding to every call of mine as we have not received water today.” There was a pipe burst that prevented water from reaching home. The Delhi Jal Board even responded to the call at night 11, to comfort us to go to bed with a promise that, by the time we are awake the next day, water would reach our home!

It is surprising to see, water supply is happening 24X7 from the days of one hour supply earlier this month. This continuous supply is also detrimental as I see, as people tend to waste!

B. Schools

I go to drop our daughter to the school bus, which comes to the stand in front of a school. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a banner on the outer wall of the school which said to the effect, “if you have any issues or complaints against this school, kindly take it up with the school proactively; if the school does not respond then call your regional Education Officer <name>, <mobile no., <email id>.. if the officer does not respond… call your Education minister <name>, <mobile no.> and <email id>”   Such messages were seen on all schools in Delhi since then.  Imagine what would be happening with schools communication and response system!!

C. Delhi Police and Traffic Cops

My rath-sarathi, Vishal, (driver) of five years was sharing the other day, “sir, bahut badlav agaya (sir, big change happened)”. I asked police and bribe, hand in handhim what is it about? He shared that the cops have become very people-friendly and they have completely stopped harassing the truck drivers on the road for bribes as they used to do earlier. If they stop any truck, they are checking all the relevant documents and not taking any money! “All of us, drivers, when we are chatting with one another, talk about these stories only”

D. The Auto Rickshaws going by meter, The chaiwallas reducing the rates..

Interesting to find that the chailwallas have reduced their rates by a rupee or two on Delhi streets!!  “Haft dena bandh ho gaya hai, tho aapke chai ke dham bhi kam kar diye humne!”  The Auto rickshaw driver, surprisingly was taking the ‘savari’ by the meter… when asked why he did not demand the way he used to… His response was very similar to the chaiwalla, “he was needed to bribe any policemen now and hence the meter is good enough to fend himself and his family” !

E. The impact of AAP and Kejri’s government, shaking other governments?!

I was in a board meeting of a corporate, and one of my fellow eminent board-member, an elderly gentleman from Mumbai, was sharing that, “I went to the Brihan Mumbai Municipal office a dozen times over the last one year to solve a simple problem of our colony. Never got a response! I was surprised to get a call from the concerned official very recently, telling me that he is coming home to figure about the problem. Indeed, he came home, went around with me and is taking actions; I have not experienced such a thing in my life. Kejriwal and his team has unusual ways of solving things. CM staging a Dharna, may not be heard of in India, but it is paying off every where.  Every government and political party in every state is pulling up their socks. A very good thing happened”

I am sure, each one of you will have a story or two to share….. That is a good beginning…

If you are keen, you can read previous story that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, on how
AAP and Kejri, evolving rapidly on the curve of three-stage of acknowledgement

Sreeni’s stunning captures featured in the travel guide : The Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur

It is raining! It gives me immense pleasure to share that three India-centric travel books that have been published by Parragon Publishing feature quite a few captures of mine from Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, along with that of beautiful Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and that of Delhi.

The first of the series focuses on the much sought-after tourist circuit, Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur.

The Golden Triangle – Delhi, Jaipur, Agra

A bustling metropolis, the capital of the world’s largest democracy, Delhi is visited by many. Within it are many ancient ruins, remnants of seven cities, of aspirations made and marred by time. Here marauders became emperors, installed themselves on opulent thrones on the strength of their armies. Even today people from many corners of the country and the world come here to study, transact business or to just travel. Of the many weekend destinations the favourites by a long haul are Jaipur and Agra.

by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The City Palace and Jaigarh and Amber forts buzz with sightseers throughout the year. Taj Mahal. Together the three cities form the Golden Triangle of India, a luscious dollop for those looking to do India in a hurry.

Some of the many reasons you might want to pick up this book : Travelling to Delhi for a short while and want to see some other places as well. No vacations in sight and need some respite from life in Delhi. Lived in Delhi, Agra or Jaipur since forever and still haven’t been inside any of its monuments. Just want to curl up with a book that has incredible visuals and lucid text.

It is a low-cost edition with stunning photographs and is priced an affordable Rs 295. If you happen to be in a book store, just browse and look for my captures. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.

Photostory : Magic of the Golder Hour – India Unravelled, on my photoblog SREENIVIEWS

On my regular travels the morning Golden Hour is the time when I am usually on my walks with my camera. Since it is the only time I get for myself, these introspective perambulations have not only shaped my strategies for life, but also yielded me a great number of opportunities to capture the busy life at the tranquil hour.

Here are a sampler of my captures. I just picked one or two from each of the locations to showcase the length and breadth of India and its rich ritual practices and flurry of activities that are connected to the auspices and precious Golden Hour!

I start with the

– Spiritual Varanasi, then go to
– Khajuraho to its east, to celebrate the human spirit
– head to far east Kaziranga wild life sanctuary,
– then come down to Kolkata,
– and to Puri on the eastern coast of India,
– down to Pondicherry,
– then head to Silent Valley in Kerala.
– traversing towards northern direction to Mangalore,
– then to frolicking Goa,
– Financial hub of Mumbai
– then into the desert land of Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and
– The national capital of India, Delhi
– finally heading to the crown of India – Kashmir and Ladakh.

Happy browsing… Would love to see your comments..

Incredible India! - Varanasi : Finding peace withinVaranasi : Finding peace within

Kindly visit
my photo-blog SREENIViews for the stunning Magic of the Golden Hour, covering the length and breadth of India.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak. This photograph was taken by me from the top of the main entrance Gate of Jama Masjid during the Friday Prayers during the month of Ramadan in 2010. I lived the spirit of Ramadan during the presence in the holy mosque

The holy month Ramadan begins and I wish everyone a hearty Ramadan Karim.

The spirit of Ramadan is all about patience, tolerance, resilience, empathy for others and contributing to the world peace and not just praying surahs, fasting and feasting!

I share this simply because of my experiences with significant numbers of friends, families and countries where Islam is being followed. I also have friends who are not followers of Islam, but follow all the tenets that a Ramadan month brings with, in spirit. The Ramadan month is considered holy and all the feelings expressed is of holiness, but the deeds of many who project to be ardent followers do not match the verbal expression. The human desire of having the exquisite and sumptuous prevails.

I humbly request every person following Ramadan is to spread the spirit of Ramadan within oneself and live up to it, enable our families to live up to it and the society to live up to it. Spread the message of peace, brotherhood and love.

Ramadan Karim to you and your family,

May the almighty bless you in all your endeavours,



Visual journey of Jama Masjid and Old Delhi Ramadan Festivities on my FLICKR stream

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