Excelling in WAT / AWT at IIMs and top-business schools – Insights to implement


Encouraging fitness and Fostering collaboration : CL Srijan – Olympics 2017

Health, fitness, stamina, endurance, speed, alacrity are paramount for any individual’s excellence and fostering of team spirit, belonging, oneness, collaboration in the process of realizing the greater vision is the key to organizational excellence.

The Annual Olympic Srijan holds a mirror to each one to take stock of personal health and team health parameters. Here, I managed to capture a few glimpses to stitch into one short film. Enjoy.

“Empowering to Excel”, Season 2 @ Dibrugarh University proves magical!

The powerful “Empowerment to Excellence” program takes its powerful strides in the second season at Dibrugarh university. The four-day intense, interactive programme enables every serious participant to transcend every barrier that one has created for oneself in our journey of life. The program has been liberating each one from the shackles and helping each to realize the infinite potential we all have. It facilitates each to believe in oneself, to dig deeper and discover, what more one can be.

This year we are initiating 1200+ students into their empowered, rejuvenated and joyful journey ahead.

Just listen to the students giving their feedback on what they have gained out of the program and experience their unshackling…..watch their confident presentation skills, even on those topics that they never even heard of, let alone study.

Since I had space constrains on my mobile to videograph the whole of two hours, I voice recorded the entire introspective session. Kindly find time to listen to the enthusiastic sharing. You will be surprised how they share about not just their own, but also how they invited their shy friends to come into public and openly share..

– The transformations they have seen in themselves and, their friends and classmates
– The cathartic experiences
– Commitment of participants for their own future and that of the group

Debrugarh University, Season 2, August 2017 – Empowerment to Excellence – Audio : Learnings, Realizations, Delight

The four day process is an engaging endeavaour to help each participant

– Explore oneself, Understand oneself well
– Make notes on strengths and areas of concern for improvement
– Realize the elements of personal effectiveness
– Understand the secrets of being an effective communicator
– Being a good participant in group discussions and activities
– Being an effective presenter and communicator
– Being a very good communicator even while writing
– How to invoke the leader in you, and take leadership
– Introspect, realize and set an agenda for personal growth


– Create a vision for oneself, for ones career and life
– Set Long term and Short term goals
– Commitment to ones own development and also development of the entire group

These sessions were facilitated by R. Sreenivasan, with Bhargav Deori and Dr. Sarvjeet Herald as co-facilitators.

Looking forward to the second half of season 2 scheduled for Sept 8-11 that will have participants from humanities, commerce and all non-science and technology faculties.

If you are reading this and are from Dibrugarh University, make sure you make the maximum out of Sept 8-11 schedule.

Empowerment to Excellence Program @ Dibrugarh University

The EMPOWERMENT TO EXCELLENCE Programme by CL Educate at Dibrugarh University has been a big learning experience for every active participant of the programme, including me in some sense. The impact in the four days has been no less than ‘transformational’, as most students shared. Of course, a 2-day outbound program preceding this would have been even more impactful and life-changing.
‘Empowerment to Excellence’ at Dibrugarh University was a four-day intense, interactive programme to initiate and facilitate every student of Engineering and Management faculty to –

  • Understand one-self
  • Create a vision for oneself, for one’s career and life
  • write a “Statement of Purpose” : Set Long term and Short term goals
  • Realize the elements of personal effectiveness, and plan to work on self
  • Understand the secrets of an effective communicator
  • Identify ones strengths and areas of concern for improvement
  • Be a good participant and contributor in group discussions and group activities
  • Be an effective presenter and communicator
  • Reflect, introspect and realize areas for action, from ones participation in the program
  • set an agenda and action plan for personal growth
  • Commitment to one’s own development and also development of the entire group

The program schedule, session plan and process were as per the agreed frame work. We adhered to the schedule given, to a great extent. The session plan for GD / Communication underwent a little change due to change in the number of participants.

My reflections at the end of the programme –

  1. “Awakening”: Managed to infuse energy and purposefulness among the participants
  2. Every participant has been shaken, active ones have woken up to his or her potential and the possibilities; they are charged to push themselves to give their best
  3. Many have started working on their “Statement of Purpose”; the dialogue is on regularly in the whatsapp groups
  4. The barriers between the departments have been broken; For the first time they got to know about the students from other departments as they worked in cross-functional teams in various sessions. By the end of the programme they gelled as if they all are one.
  5. The realization among the students that the campus has enough resources within to create productive interactions and activities to sharpen their skills; They have promised to engage themselves at least once a month
  6. The participants realized how they can effectively use the social media platforms to further their career goals; They shared about these as the sessions progressed

At the end of this program, and with my experience at IWSB and other universities, I am convinced that –

  1. “Empowerment to Excellence” programme should be preceded by an outbound program, where the participants have to challenge themselves in many situations, mostly physical or strategic in nature; that helps every student push boundaries and realize his or her immense capabilities.
  2. “Empowerment to Excellence” should be integral to every university programme, especially every university that we are facilitating. All our other programmes will be immensely effective if we take student through this programme.
  3. This program should be in the second year of the four-year undergraduate program (like BE/BTech) and in the first year of Post-grad programme; We should have this before the academic year commences. And must be a compulsory programme, as it is beyond imagination of any student, how it can really impact.

With such a series of initiatives, students will become very purposeful and it will become integral to every students thoughts and actions. This could make a huge difference to their journey in the university, with student working towards his/her goal, empowering oneself with all that he or she needs to excel in career and life.

Student’s Presentations, Reflections and Feedback

A. Kindly watch the videos of a few presentations and reflections of the participants at the end of the programme, uploaded on the youtube channel of CL Educate, under

Dibrugarh University : Empowerment to Excellence playlist –


Presentation sample – Most of them were presenting for the first time ever in front of a couple of hundred audience from across the departments of the University

Reflection of learning – Sample –

These set of videos also showcase the effectiveness and impact of the programme through

– The reflections of shifts made by the participants and

– Commitment of participants for their own future and that of the group

Delighted to see the feedback of students on SURVEYMONKEYt –

– Over 80% of the students have rated the conceptual sessions ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very good’

– Over 70% have rated the Drills / Group Activities / Presentations sessions ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very good’. We made sure that every one got a couple of drills, still that is not enough. More and more practice needed here. Unfortunately we had time constraint. I have asked the students to do their own drills. Shall continue to push them through Whatsapp.

– Over 90% have rated the facilitators ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very good’

Of course we can always be better than what we are. Hope we will continue on that path.

In another post, I shall share part of the PDF with detailed feedback that a few students shared. Their delight in their personal growth through the four days comes through these sharing.

How young socially conscious Oar-boys, created an example on Ghats of Varanasi

I landed in Varanasi last evening to do a workshop for all the call getters from Indian Institutes of Management. These successful aspirants were arriving from the entire eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Varanasi is the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, with inhabitation of this city recorded as far back as 6000 years ago. It is a fascinating city on the banks of river Ganges and is one of the most sacred destinations for the Hindus, and also for many from the world who throng to see the magical city. It is always in the itinerary of every tourist visiting India. In fact, very many go on to stay here for years.

I have always enjoyed walking by the ghats and galis of Varanasi. Every visit has been a journey of discovery – of the city and of one-self too. As usual I reached the Dhashaswamedh Ghat in the darkness of early morning, after walking for about three kilometers. It was drizzling a little, the ghats were buzzing with activity, but not as was expected to be, due to the muggy weather and the winter chill.

The early morning Aarti for Mother Ganges, the river considered to be very pious

The early morning Aarti for Mother Ganges, the river considered to be very pious

I became busy clicking away the magical morning on the ghat – the dips, the aarti, the boats, the colors of dawn as I walked along the ghats. The ghats are 80 in number, and Dhashaswamedh is somewhere in between, and I proceeded towards the ASSI ghat. Each of the ghats have been built by one kingdom or other from across the country over the centuries, to shelter the citizens of their provinces when they come to this pious city.

Since the city has settled centuries ago, the modern amenities in the public are difficult to come by. The upkeep of the city is far from satisfactory and to the utter shock of most visitors, garbage is found littered in every corner of the street. I keep wondering why? At many locations on the ghats, men relieve themselves, that not only leaves stink but also pollutes further the polluted Ganges.

This morning, when I reached the Rana Pratap/mahal Ghat, I was surprised to see three pisspots neatly lined against the wall in a corner with a note, “kindly do not pollute mother Ganges, use the toilet to relieve yourselves.” Around the toilet along the ghat, many flowering plants are blossoming. They are neatly lined.

Deepak and Amit proudly posing at their outpost, Rana Pratap Ghat, Varanasi. You can see the toilet corner!

Deepak and Amit proudly posing at their outpost, Rana Pratap Ghat, Varanasi. You can see the toilet corner!

This effort is indeed admirable, especially because, it is envisioned and created by three young Oar-boys who ferry the visitors on the Ganges in their small wooden row-boats. Deepak (13), Amit (11) along with their elder brother Ravi (19) helped their father to make it happen. Deepak and Amit who solicit customers for the boat rides were filled with pride when they shared about their endeavor, rightly so! I took their photograph in the location promising that I will write a story about their conscious effort to keep the ghats clean and tidy. The ghat is stink-free and is a pleasure to walk by.

If only each one of us is conscious of our surroundings, and do our little bit, I am sure we can make a huge difference! Let us strive to make things happen1!

AAP Govt and Kejri’s first month in office – Magical transformations across the country

It is amazing what is happening on the ground, what people are experiencing ! This is the classic case of what leadership can really do….

Kejri @ hospital ward inauguration by Vijay baba, a rickshawalaPolitical parties and the ‘PM’ contenders may be throwing a lot of garbage at AAP and Kejri, the anarchic CM as they say, but on the ground the transformation is unparalleled… And these transformations are not limited to Delhi alone, the impact is being experienced across the country, on the ground, not to talk of governments of various states revising downwards the electricity rates, unprecedented in India…

As a common man and a citizen of this country, I am sharing my own experiences and interactions with fellow men and women who have been in my journey of life , about the transformations that they have experienced in the last one month of the AAP and Kejri’s government.

A. Water Works

Indira, my wife, shared the very day, Dec 08, when the results of Delhi Assembly elections are coming out; “What has happened to the Delhi Jal Board; the phone that was never picked all these years, is responding to every call of mine as we have not received water today.” There was a pipe burst that prevented water from reaching home. The Delhi Jal Board even responded to the call at night 11, to comfort us to go to bed with a promise that, by the time we are awake the next day, water would reach our home!

It is surprising to see, water supply is happening 24X7 from the days of one hour supply earlier this month. This continuous supply is also detrimental as I see, as people tend to waste!

B. Schools

I go to drop our daughter to the school bus, which comes to the stand in front of a school. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a banner on the outer wall of the school which said to the effect, “if you have any issues or complaints against this school, kindly take it up with the school proactively; if the school does not respond then call your regional Education Officer <name>, <mobile no., <email id>.. if the officer does not respond… call your Education minister <name>, <mobile no.> and <email id>”   Such messages were seen on all schools in Delhi since then.  Imagine what would be happening with schools communication and response system!!

C. Delhi Police and Traffic Cops

My rath-sarathi, Vishal, (driver) of five years was sharing the other day, “sir, bahut badlav agaya (sir, big change happened)”. I asked police and bribe, hand in handhim what is it about? He shared that the cops have become very people-friendly and they have completely stopped harassing the truck drivers on the road for bribes as they used to do earlier. If they stop any truck, they are checking all the relevant documents and not taking any money! “All of us, drivers, when we are chatting with one another, talk about these stories only”

D. The Auto Rickshaws going by meter, The chaiwallas reducing the rates..

Interesting to find that the chailwallas have reduced their rates by a rupee or two on Delhi streets!!  “Haft dena bandh ho gaya hai, tho aapke chai ke dham bhi kam kar diye humne!”  The Auto rickshaw driver, surprisingly was taking the ‘savari’ by the meter… when asked why he did not demand the way he used to… His response was very similar to the chaiwalla, “he was needed to bribe any policemen now and hence the meter is good enough to fend himself and his family” !

E. The impact of AAP and Kejri’s government, shaking other governments?!

I was in a board meeting of a corporate, and one of my fellow eminent board-member, an elderly gentleman from Mumbai, was sharing that, “I went to the Brihan Mumbai Municipal office a dozen times over the last one year to solve a simple problem of our colony. Never got a response! I was surprised to get a call from the concerned official very recently, telling me that he is coming home to figure about the problem. Indeed, he came home, went around with me and is taking actions; I have not experienced such a thing in my life. Kejriwal and his team has unusual ways of solving things. CM staging a Dharna, may not be heard of in India, but it is paying off every where.  Every government and political party in every state is pulling up their socks. A very good thing happened”

I am sure, each one of you will have a story or two to share….. That is a good beginning…

If you are keen, you can read previous story that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, on how
AAP and Kejri, evolving rapidly on the curve of three-stage of acknowledgement

Wake up India! we have so much to do…. Happy Self-Realization Day!

Happy Republic Day to every Indian; May this dawn usher in more responsibility/ accountability among each one of us, especially politicians!

– Giving women at home respect and empowering them, to empower the family, home, society and the nation : I always felt and experienced that a home progresses only when the women at home are respected and empowered. Every generation owes a lot to mother, predominantly, where it takes off from and where it reaches..

– Helping every individual around us to be self-reliant, thereby making nation bereft of poverty : Can I really touch and enable people and their families, who are in touch with us every day. Can I educate every child around me and make the environment exciting for learning thereby making every human being be judicious and take decisions for one self.

– Being honest in every thing I do. Enabling every human being to be honest and empathize with the fellow being. I humbly try to do this. Yes, still a long way to go. I need more patience and more empathy to invest more time.

– Being more disciplined, in my life – at home, my work, and more importantly whenever I am stepping out of home and do things that has impact on happenings around me – on the road, public behavior, taking care of the surroundings…. the list is endless

– Last but not the least, standing up and being upright, not paying bribe and not letting one take bribe. making the nation corruption free..

Happy Self-realization day !  Awakening the self !

Love… mmmch.

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