What Now? After class XII results : On Zee Business Panel

Every year, this time of the year is a challenging time for most students who are graduating from school. The expectation that is thrust on each by the families and society really takes toll on every child.

It is very important to understand the child and help the child have confidence in himself or herself, in their capabilities. Through the school, facilitate the child to understand self and the world around, by exposing, exploring, experimenting, experiencing, imbibing in many contexts, across a variety of spaces in those eight intelligence dimensions – linguistic, logical/mathematical, spatial, nature, kinesthetic, Musical (read the article Every child is gifted).

The world is looking for problem solvers and shall dish out anything to have such on their board. Money is never a problem. Be a learner for life time, have courage to push boundaries, to discover what more you are; Be humble in any given situation… So much more in this panel discussion with renowned career counsellor, Ms Pravin Malhotra.

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Cocktail of Money, Politics and Media – How it is affecting the real INDIA : P. Sainath, eminent journalist

I have always been enlightened by reading P.Sainath’s articles, including his celebrated book, “Everybody loves a good drought”. I came across one video interview of his and it led to quite few. I felt like sharing here…

Kindly check out this initiative of P.Sainath, Rural India Online, that brings in reports from hundreds of journalists whose articles are not entertained by main stream newspapers. It is a treasure trove. Kindly go through for awakening the self.

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