Olympics – shaping thoughts, habits and actions !

@olympics @olympics2021,  #worldMapChallenge #WorldMap explorations always has gone hand in hand! This time with #SvwaraSreenivasan !

Every #game and #sport watched helps us not only understand the game, but also inspire the young to pick a game or two, to at least follow if not pursue. Sure, it certainly makes one aware of the need to be #fit and #healthy, and incorporate #habits that can be instrumental lifelong, at least, one know how to burst the stress, that is going to be the number one killer in the future! #Sports, #CreativeArts and #PerformingArts have this #salubrious effect on #mind, #body and #soul!

Every #Olympian seen on the screen, every #OlympicMedal winner will be traced to their origins on the map, as we keep getting to know them. At least I am getting to #travel across #countries, tracing the #boundaries, #neighborhood countries, the #physicalworld at least. Then the as we travel along the journey through the days, months and years till the next Olympics, #NewsPaper reading overlays the #PoliticalMap over the #Geographical!

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