Why SOP? Advice on its flow …

Only when you know what is your purpose of life, what is going to be your arena excellence, the destinations you have in mind, what you want to achieve, will you be able to plan, organize self and can launch your journey of assault!

Know every 5W1H – What, Why, Where, When, Who, How? ‘How’ is the last in the list and not the first. Make note!!

If you want to climb Mt. Everest, your 5W1H will be different from that of yours if you want to swim across English channel or wish to go on an Antarctic expedition.

You will be able to create your purpose and vision only if you know yourselves first. If you have clarity and conviction on what, why and how, only then you will be able to share that conviction to any one, let alone the panel.

Kindly go through the article on Ikigai, for knowing your purpose, creating your vision.

Know the propose of your life, first!


Start with the end goal. Vision for self – life, career. Be more specific, which industry/which sector excites you, even if you want to be CTO, sure you may not like to be in mining sector!

[Better know how the industry/sector will be, say 2030, 2025; what will be the developments, technology disruptions, transformations; market dynamics; players etc. This will help you in envisioning your goals, help in planning, realizing what all you need to equip yourself with’]

Then talk about what all needed to excel in such a sector by 2030, 2025.

Then take stock of what all you already have – knowledge, tools, skill sets that you are good at.

Then what will you gain from an MBA? Especially from that particular institution (or organization) that you aim to join.

Lastly, what you can add to the institution / organization!

—— What is the homework to be done before writing the SOP

– first be good at everything you have touched, or done; everything that has touched you.

– know WHAT you want to be, then WHY, WHERE, WHEN…..Have clarity of VISION, as specific as possible. This will help you dive deep to ONE industry/ sector to have greater knowledge to engage productively and impactfully. DO NOT BE LAZY.

– Then think about what all traits, skillsets, tools you need to succed in such a pursuit. What all you already have, what more do you need to add?

HOW will you gain all you wanted? Then why MBA, where does it figure in the scheme of aspirations and equipping self? Why from that particular institution? Go into their website, dive, find courses, professors and their work, if any in your sectoral interest. Read the papers published if any…

MBA is not a degree or passport for higher salary! Perhaps one of a kind program where you will find 50 year olds too and 20 year old too, people from every kind of education, industries, experiences! It is about gaining as well as adding value to each, the network that lasts for life time.

What you invest will define what you reap.

Hope I have been able drive my point. If it has opened doors and windows of your thoughts, imaginations and for action, or if you need me address more leave a message in the comment box.

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