IWSB OBL - Outbound Learning moduleClass of 2012 - Knowing thyself..FacesIWSB Indore Dec 2010Dream Dubai - Family TimeFragile yet tough....dignified!
Incredible India - Allahabad : Trades and Traders of old cityFacesFaceschildren....Curiosity - the animal instinctNatya Tarangini - Parampara 2011
CL turns 16Natya Vriksha - Women's DayIndia05-9132Indus World School, INDIATurkman Gate - Razia sultan tomb walkIWSB 'Inspiring Entrepreneurial Leadership' Learning environment
Indus World School, INDIAMahakumbh 2010 - Haridwar / RishikeshNatya Tarangini - Parampara 2011Indus World School, INDIA - Ananda, NoidaIndia05-9161IWSB OBL - Outbound Learning module

Portraits, a set on Flickr.

People, essence of life around us. Every expression says so much more ……


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